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Brief About Reasi District

Reasi is one of the oldest towns of the J&K State. It was the seat of the erstwhile Bhimgarh State, said to have been established by Raja Bhim Dev somewhere in 8th century. It remained an independent principality till 1822, when Maharaja Gulab Singh the then King of Jammu consolidated small states. Up-till 1948 Reasi was a District of Jammu Province, but in the first administrative reorganization of the State undertaken in 1948 major part of the then district Reasi was merged with district Udhampur, while someareas became part of District Poonch (now Rajouri).

An historical fort named as Bhimgarh Fort, but generally also known as‘Reasi Fort’ is located in the town of Reasi on a hillock approximately 150 meters high. As per local lore initially the fort was made of clay which later on was reconstructed withstone masonry and was generally used by the royal family for taking shelter during emergencies. Presently the fort is in the charge of the Department of Archeology, J&K Government since 1989. Today the fort stands out as one of the important land marks in the town.


Reasi district has two tehsils viz., Reasi and Gool-Gulabgarh comprising 239 and 60 villages respectively. This district consists of 4 blocks: Arnas, Mahore, Reasi and Pouni. Each block consists of a number of panchayats.


Reasi District has 3 assembly constituencies: Reasi, Gulabgarh and Gool Arnas.

Places of Interest

Bhimgarh Fort
Shiv khori
Kalika Temple
Baba Dhansar
Baba Bidda


Reasi is located at a distance of 64 km from Jammu and is bounded by Tehsil Gool-Gulabgarh in the north, Tehsil Sunderbani and Kalakote of District Rajouri in the west, Tehsil Udhampur in the east, Tehsils Jammu and Akhnoor of District Jammu on the south. Reasi sub division has a population of 1,20,380 as per 2001 census with 25.57% Muslims and Hindu majority. Climatically a major part of this Sub-Division falls in sub-tropicalzone and the rest in temperate zone. Summers are generally warm and winters cold with snowfall on the high ridges.one of the most beautiful thing about reasi is that in summer the temperature of reasi will be less than most of the districts in jammu and in winter its temperature will be higher than other districts in jammu. so this makes reasi favourable for all kinds of people visiting there.

Reasi District Overview

An official Census 2011 detail of Reasi, a district of Jammu and Kashmir has been released by Directorate of Census Operations in Jammu and Kashmir. Enumeration of key persons was also done by census officials in Reasi District of Jammu and Kashmir.


Description 2011  
Actual Population 314,714
Male 166,392
Female 148,322
Population Growth 27.06%
Area Sq. Km 1,715
Density/km2 184
Proportion to Jammu and Kashmir Population 2.51%
Sex Ratio (Per 1000) 891
Child Sex Ratio (0-6 Age) 921
Average Literacy 59.42
Male Literacy 69.93
Female Literacy 47.55
Total Child Population (0-6 Age) 55,805
Male Population (0-6 Age) 29,051
Female Population (0-6 Age) 26,754
Literates 153,839
Male Literates 96,036
Female Literates 57,803
Child Proportion (0-6 Age) 17.73%
Boys Proportion (0-6 Age) 17.46%
Girls Proportion (0-6 Age) 18.04%


Description Rural Urban
Population (%) 91.51 % 8.49 %
Total Population 288,010 26,704
Male Population 151,716 14,676
Female Population 136,294 12,028
Sex Ratio 898 820
Child Sex Ratio (0-6) 923 889
Child Population (0-6) 52,551 3,254
Male Child(0-6) 27,328 1,723
Female Child(0-6) 25,223 1,531
Child Percentage (0-6) 18.25 % 12.19 %
Male Child Percentage 18.01 % 11.74 %
Female Child Percentage 18.51 % 12.73 %
Literates 134,788 19,051
Male Literates 84,773 11,263
Female Literates 50,015 7,788
Average Literacy 57.24 % 81.24 %
Male Literacy 68.15 % 86.95 %
Female Literacy 45.03 % 74.19 %

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