PM,Sonia, Rahul Gandi meeting UP riot Victims- PTI photo

Kishtwar riot victims continue to wait for Omar Abdullah, Rahul Gandhi

Nine days after the worst ever riots took place in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, accompanied by UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi visited the refugee camps of riot victims and consoled the victims while promising strictest action against the guilty.

PM,Sonia, Rahul Gandi
PM, Sonia, Rahul Gandi meeting UP riot Victims- PTI photo

Ahead of the Prime Ministers visit to the riot hit district Uttar  Pradesh Chief Minister Akhlilesh Yadav  also took out precious time for his busy schedule and visited the riot victims.Akhilesh govt is under attack from different political quarters and from within the party over the handling of the riots and loss of precious human lives.

In contrast the riot victims of Kishtwar continue to wait for the state Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and other national leaders to visit them and lend support to them in their hour of grief.

More than 40 days have passed but the Chief Minister is yet to visit Kishtwar. Ironically,the much hyped promise of providing immediate relief to the riot victims is yet to be fulfilled.

Besides Chief Minister even the Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad who used to be frequent flyer to his home district in Doda is yet to visit Kishtwar and apply balm on the wounds of the riot hit people.

The National leaders of different parties including the Prime Minister, UPA Chairperson and Rahul Gandhi cared little to even think of visiting the area. Omar Abdullah had earlier banned entry of leaders of different political parties as efforts were made by BJP leader Arun Jaitley to visit Kishtwar to take stock of the situation and  diffuse the tension.Omar Abdullah

Since Omar Abdullah is supporting the alliance govt in Delhi the Congress party defended the actions of the state govt and instead of expressing concern over delayed response and well orchestrated attack on the minority community in Kishtwar the Congressmen happily patted the back of Omar Abdullah.

Ironically, after waiting for too long the representatives of victims organised a visit to New Delhi and called on  the Parliamentarians to highlight their plight.

Even after doing all this the state govt is yet to reach out to the riot victims and deliver justice.

The one man commission has just started the probe after a long wait of 22 days as the state govt could not deliver a formal order and arrange necessary logistics for the smooth functioning of the commission.It remains to be seen whether justice would be done to the victims of Kishtwar violence or they would keep waiting for these leaders  in their hour of grief.

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