Kin of Chamel Singh pins hope on President of India

After waiting for too long and outside the door steps of every single official authority in Jammu and Kashmir the kin of Chamel Singh have now pinned their hopes on the President of India.

On Friday one of the four sons of Chamel Singh Deepak Singh announced that they have now decided to approach the office of the President of India seeking justice for their martyred father.chamel singh

Chamel Singh was allegedly tortured to death inside Kot Lakhpat central jail on January 15, 2013.

Ironically, since then the family has approached who’s who of the state politics and personally called on the leaders of the alliance government but no one responded to their humane appeals.

Feeling let down by the response of the state government the family of Chamel Singh Friday announced that they have written separate letters to the President of India, Prime Minister of India and Union Home Minister to consider their genuine request and deliver justice to them.

Referring to the case of Sarabjit Singh kin of Chamel Singh argued if the centre govt can announce compensation of ₹25 lakh for the kith and kin of Sarabjit Singh why till date the same govt has  failed to announce adequate compensation for them.

Deepak Singh questioned the role of the state government. He said the Punjab govt accorded martyr status to Sarabjit Singh and announced a three day long mourning along with ₹1 crore compensation but in our case none of the state govt functionary ever spared a visit to  our house to pay  their condolences.

Interacting with media in Jammu Deepak Singh also expressed hope that they would not come out empty handed from the doorstep of President of India. We are hopeful he will deliver justice to us, said Deepak Singh.

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