Main Bus stand katra
This is how Main Bus Stand Katra looks like

Katra Municipal Committee’s callous attitude turned Holy Katra town into a Garbage City

It is awful to see the garbage and polyethene spread all over the town and Rains have made the condition worse. Seeing the insensitive attitude of attitude Katra residents are asking “What is the Katra Municipal Committee doing ?”

A fight for right to clean the city is needed here !

Main Bus Stand Katra_Municipal Commitee
Garbage Under MC Board, suggesting others to Save Environment

You can easily notice huge heaps of polyethenes(though there is a ‘strict’ ban on polyethene bags in J&K) and garbage in the main areas like Main Bus Stand, Main market, Ban Ganga Road ( Holy Ban Ganga is also  polluted with plastic and garbage), Counter number two.

Main Bus stand katra
This is how Main Bus Stand Katra looks like

The town’s entire garbage is being dumped since long time in the outskirts of Holy town, which happens to be the main route of Katra to Reasi. You can find a huge “DUMPING ZONE” which is made by the Municipal Committee, Katra. Garbage is an eyesore for nature lovers like me. It is polluting a captivating city.


Dumping Zone on Katra- Reasi Road

Waste management problems remain unsolved and  the silly excuses of “NO BUDGET” for cleaning the city is always there. No government authority is taking care of the growing pollution because of this mismanagement of garbage. Such conditions serve as a breeding ground for the spread of mosquitoes and other germs. It may lead to the outbreak of some diseases.

Local government, which is responsible for this mismanagement, will not be able to provide immediate solutions. This is due to the lack of field records or the proper work done by them.

In order to provide the much-needed help, the authorities are busy in blaming each other. This has made life very miserable for the local residents.

Need  Concern:

1.       You don’t find dustbins in the town, which are needed .

2.       You can find garbage floating on the broken roads  during rain.

3.       You can see large number of heaps of plastic and waste in the middle of the main market.

4.       There are several broken drains which are filled with garbage.

5.       Animals like dogs, horses, donkeys and cows can be easily find on the heaps of garbage, which can cause diseases.

6.       Silly excuses are given by the Municipal Commitee, Katra.

7.       Main Road to Bhavan is highly polluted.

8.       No management is there to deal with this growing waste.


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