Kashmir Floods- Govt. Records

Kashmir floods swept away records of J&K Govt. offices, govt clueless

The devastating flood in Srinagar has not left thousands of people shelter less but it has also washed away crucial data in different state govt offices which were marooned in flood water for over one long week. 
According to official sources starting with civil secretariat complex, High court building, police control room, PHQ, several other state govt run offices, Central govt offices were completely submerged in water and at various places the computer systems and files kept in record rooms have been completely destroyed.
 There are remote chances of retrieving any data from these offices which remained submerged in deep waters, official sources said.
A large number of computers across these offices are also lying out of order in flood waters. According to these sources the only way the state govt departments could retrieve the data is through central server. 
Those privy to inside information claimed that very few departments have been sharing the office records on central server and consider saving of files in computer as the only way to digitize the records.
As senior state govt officer posted in the civil secretariat claimed that only after the offices would be thrown open the exact scale of devastation can be predicted. Till then we can only make wild guess about the nature of destruction of official records. 

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