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JK Housing Board making mockery of RTI act in J&K

Hides identity of relative of Congress candidate from Sangrama in RTI reply, shields their own AEE

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah may have been patting his own back during campaigning for introducing the Right to Information Act in March 2009 but J&K Housing Board authorities have been making mockery of the same act on the eve of elections.

Instead of sharing information with the applicants seeking information the Housing board authorities are either concealing the information or manipulating the same to shield  in some cases their own employees or in some cases well connected VVIP’s.

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Recently while responding to a RTI application with regard to names of flat owners who have encroached common area in SFS Flats, Pocket 6, Sector 2, Channi-Himmat, Jammu the Public Information Officer (PIO) of J&K Housing Board instead of revealing information of violators stated in its reply, “the information may be obtained from Unit record”.

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As per the records of the Pine Apartments Maintenance and welfare Cooperative Ltd the flat no 5, Block D, Pocket 6 is owned by mother of a Congress candidate fighting Assembly elections from Sangrama.

Recently Housing board had issued notices to violators who had raised illegal concrete/semi concrete structures in common area in violation of the rules.

In another case instead of sharing the particulars of the full name of the violator the PIO deliberately concealed information by only mentioning the first name of the flat owner.The said flat owner whose particulars have not been shared by the JK Housing board authorities is herself working in the Housing Board and is presently posted as AEE, Housing Board Unit-I, Channi-Himmat.

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If this was not enough the PIO also defeated the spirit of the RTI act and went on to make public the name of the complainant along with the reply. It appears the Housing board authorities while preparing the reply has either not applied their mind or in a bid to conceal information they committed blunders mocking the spirit of the RTI Act.

There is nation wide hue and cry over the issue of protecting the whistle blowers but in case of JK Housing Board authorities their single point agenda is to conceal as much information as possible and to keep the violators including their own employees who have violated the rules in good humor.

It may be mentioned the draw of flats were organised on December 31,2008 and for last more than five years the Housing board authorities are communicating with the flat owners but when it comes to sharing the information the housing board authorities prefer to hide it than revealing the same.

As per the official records the JK Housing board authorities had issued allotment letters to the flat owners in January 2009 but in 2014 they are still shying away from sharing the information with the RTI Applicant.

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