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J&K Budget 2013-14

J&K state Finance Minister, Abdur Rahim Rather presented the Budget for financial year 2013-14 on 6th March 2013

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BUDGET 2013-14



• Estimates of Total Receipts (TR) Rs. 38068 crore.
• Estimates of Total Expenditure (TE) also at Rs. 38068 crore.
• Revenue Expenditure (RE) including Security Related Expenditure (SRE) Rs. 28690 crore, Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Rs. 9378 crore.
• Non Plan Revenue Expenditure (NPRE) consumes Rs. 27096 crore of which Rs. 17002 crore on salaries and pension.
• A provision of Rs. 842 crore to disburse third installment of Pay/Pension revision arrears.
• Earmarked provision of 700 crore for DA to employees and pensioners.
• Rs. 75 crore provision in 2013-14 for 10% Employer’s share under New Pension Scheme introduced from January, 2010.
• Provision of 50 crore for clearing statutory liabilities of corporations reported at over 95 crore.
• A provision of 26 crore for meeting cost of VRS/GHS in PSUs.
• Annual Plan 2013-14: Rs. 8000 crore. PMRP at Rs. 600 crore.
• State Share of Rs. 1000 crore in Plan to access Central funding of about Rs. 3500 crore under Centrally Sponsored Schemes and various flagship schemes.
• Plan Revenue Expenditure (PRE) estimated at Rs. 1564 crore, Plan Capital Expenditure (PCE) Rs. 7036 crore excluding CSS.
• Rs. 783 crore provision for Urban Local Bodies, Universities and other autonomous bodies / institutions for supplementing their revenue expenditure requirements.
• Rs. 50 lacs to be provided annually for victim compensation scheme.
• Budgetary provision for advertising and publicity to be increased by Rs. 4.00 crore.



• Plan provision of Rs. 1579 crore for Social Services and Rs. 652 crore for General Services Sectors.
• Plan provision Rs. 2207 crore for Special Area Programmes including Rs. 87 crore for Leh, Rs. 81 crore for Kargil, Rs. 128 crore for BADP, Rs. 62 crore for Tribal Sub – Plan, Rs. 52 crore under Rashtriya Shram Vikas Yojana and Rs. 1741 crore for District Plan.
• Plan provision of Rs. 384 crore for Agriculture and allied activities including Rural Development.
• Plan provision of Rs. 126 crore for Industries and Minerals, Rs. 613 crore for Transport, Rs. 18 crore for Communication and Rs. 4.6 crore for Science, Technology and Environment Sectors.
• Plan provision of Rs. 889 crore for Energy Sector.
• Plan provision of Rs. 600 crore under PMRP out of which Rs. 477 crore for counterpart fund – Asian Development Bank and Rs. 123 crore for rehabilitation of dwellers of Dal and Nageen Lakes.



• Provision of Rs. 231 crore for devolution to Panchayats.
• Panchayats to implement various schemes like MG-NREGA of the order of more than Rs. 1300 crore.
• Sarpanches to get remuneration of Rs. 2000/-per month
• Panches to get a fee of Rs. 300/-per sitting subject to monthly ceiling of Rs. 600/-per month.
• The Government to consider appropriate insurance cover for elected Panchayat representatives.



• Provision of Rs. 5 crore for housing and Rs. 9 crore for transit accommodation of migrants under PMRP.
• Rs. 8 crore set apart for migrants’ group mediclaim insurance.

• Provision of Rs. 100 crore for Employment related initiatives including Rs. 55 crore as seed capital for SKEWPY and Rs. 20 crore for Youth Start-up Loan Scheme.
• Pending cases under Old Age Pension Scheme to be covered. Financial implication around Rs. 21 crore.
• Provision of Rs. 2 crore under Medical Aid Trust Fund.
• The wage rates of daily rated workers to be enhanced to Rs. 150 per day.
• The Government to explore and participate in insurance cover for journalists.
• A comprehensive restructuring of Excise and Taxation wing to be undertaken.
• 70000 to 80000 posts hoped to be filled in the next few years.
• Scheme for financial help to the acid victims to be launched.
• Further Rs. 2 crore contribution to the corpus of Cancer Treatment and Management Fund.
• BPL orphan girls who have passed matriculation to get Rs. 30,000 for marriage Rs. 3 crore earmarked for the scheme.
• 100 new mobile schools to be opened during next year.
• Surcharge on the electricity bills in case of delayed payments who clear their pending bills during current financial year to be waived off.
• As a one time exercise, all the previous energy consumption accounts of Power Development Department with the consuming departments to be squared up.
• Provision of Rs. 1.00 crore for giving start to a well designed and effective and educational campaign against the habits of smoking and chewing tobacco.



• ATTA, MAIDA, SUJI, BESAN, RICE, PADDY outside VAT net for one more year.
• Tax concessions (VAT Remission) to industry extended upto 31.03.2014 or till adoption of new GST regime by our State.

• Existing tax exemptions to Tourism sector to continue for another Year.
• The rates for government advertisements to be increased by 50%.
• Honey exempted from levy of VAT.
• VAT on saffron reduced to 5%.
• Subsidized small tractors, power tiller and other agricultural implements and attachments exempted from levy of VAT.
• The limit of exemption from stamp duty increased to Rs. 1.50 lacs for both Kissan Credit Cards and Artisan Credit Cards.
• VAT on cooked food items sold by hotels, restaurants, food joints, dhabas reduced to 5% from 13.5%.
• Import of Jute fabric exempted from the levy of Entry Tax.
• Raw Pashmina exempted from VAT.
• Stone made idols, havan samagari both packed and loose and guggal dhoop exempted from the levy of VAT.
• VAT on durrets, quilt, blanket covers, table cloth, table covers, mufflers, bed spreads, pillow case and pillow sleeps to decrease to 5%.
• VAT rate on CF Lights to be reduced to 5%.


• Services provided by Authorized Automobile Service Stations, Property dealers/Real Estates Agents and Consultants other than those already included in a service covered by J&K GST Act brought under service Tax net.
• Toll rate to increase by 5 paisa per kilograms in the existing rate of Additional Toll.
• Toll rate on import of table birds to increase from Rs. 6.00 per kg to Rs. 8 per kg.

• VAT on cigarettes to increase from 30% to 40%.


• Pipe fittings, hand made or machine made washing soap, cables of all types including industrial cable, ‘Aam Papad’ to be taxed at
uniform rate of 13.5%
• VAT system made dealer friendly.
• Penalty equivalent to 25% of value of goods in case of an offence lowered, however, the penalty at the rate of twice of VAT to continue.
• The legal heirs of registered dealers not to apply for fresh registration.

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