Jasrota fort: Another Jammu Fort crying for maintenance

Entrance to fort
Entrance to fort

Forts,Palaces etc. are sites of great historical, religious and archaeological importance. They have great architectural beauty and historical value and attract millions of visitors every year.

Jasrota Fort,kathua (1)

No matter how rich was  the king,who had constructed the fort of Jasrota, no matter how rich the fort is in its architecture. But today’s reality is that it seems as  if the fort is crying for its maintenance.

Jasrota fort is located on the bank of river Ujh, on a hillock near Rajbagh on Jammu Pathankot national highway.It looks more like a haunted place. Jasrota fort is famous for exquisite  architecture. However, the condition is deteriorating fast because of the neglect.

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Though all the people from Jasrota community celebrate a day in a year to renew their pledge of protection and showcase the past but still, only pledges are not enough to preserve the precious past and heritage.

Mr.Jassi, a tourist from Punjab during his visit to Jasrota fort said that he had heard  and read a lot about the fort and its beauty but as he arrived here he was totally disappointed.


Jasrota Fort,kathua (3)


A member of Jasrotia clan pointed two main reasons  for the ruined state of the fort. Authorities’ callous attitude towards such heritage spots and other one is Local’s ‘chalta hai’ attitude.

Jasrota Fort,kathua (2)

A local shopkeeper said,”assein gi ke fark ponda hai kila bache ya nhi,as dheyaadi da soch che ya is velle kamme ch lagche,Sun da te koi hai ni (For a daily wager like us,such heritage spots have no importance in our lives)”

When everything is in our own hands, why are we neglecting it?

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