Jammu’s rock band Rudram all set to release their 1st Dogri Rock song

Rudram, one of its kind  Multi Genre Jammu Based alternative Indian Rock Band who believes in shaping Dogri into new Rock Style with a blend of Experimental, Indian Sufi & Vedic Carnatic Fusion. Rocky speaks to Gourav about his band. Excerpts:

Gourav: First of all, I would like to congratulate you for taking such initiative. Please let us know how this band came into existence?

Rocky: Rudram rock band founded by 4 friends in 2012- Ram ji Das, Anish Matto, Rocky Jamwal and Vishal Khajuria  who used to meet at Spanish Guitar Institute – The Strings. In the early stage, it was more like a hobby. We used to enjoy and play with music and were close friends rather than a professional band mates with all having richer taste and seriousness toward music which lead to the foundation of  Rudram Band.

First we decided “Aarohan”   as the band name and soon changed it to “Rudram”. Drummer, the backbone of any Rock Band was missing in our Band. We searched a lot but wasn’t able to find a perfect match for our band in a small city like Jammu. After putting lot of effort in searching the perfect guy for drummer’s job, we end up with “Arjun Suri”, youngest drummer in the City.  He was just 14 at that time.

Our Band was at the stage of completion as now we had Drummer as well but still our band was short of an expert Keyboard player. Soon, we came across the exceptionally talented playback singer, an expert keyboard player Rajeev Sharma.

When did you officially launched the band?

After the formation we took it seriously and started singing professionally, practicing music and then officially we launched it in April 2012. It wasn’t an easy task to put together all in one platform but with the hard work and keen dedication it all happened.


What about the band composition?

Me : Lead Guitarist/Lyricist

Ram ji Das: Dogri Vocalist/Guitarist/Composer

Anish Matto : Lead Vocalist/Guitarist

Vishal khajuria: Rapper/Base Guitarist/Song writer/Drumist

Arjun Suri : Drummer/Percunist

Rajeev Sharma: Piano Player/Vocalist/ Composer/Music Director


Have you released any song so far?

Rudram band has released 3 Digital Songs till now Meri Jana ft Rv Da Rapstar, Hairaan the DarkSide ft Rajeev and Reh Gaye Hum Akele – Lounge Mix ft Rajeev. And  all these 3 Digital Tracks were composed and arranged by Rajeev Sharma in its own Rudram Digital Lab known as ACM Productions.

Please throw some light on the current project your team is working on.

Currently Rudram is busy in releasing its most expensive and highly acclaimed Dogri Rock Project “Tu Kudi Gandhinagar Di” sung and composed by Ram ji Das. The project is in its last stage. This Song will be the 1st Dogri Rock song in the history of J&K music industry. The  song is self-composed and sung by Ram ji Das digitally produced and directed by Rajeev Sharma, Anish Matto with other band members under ACM Digital Lab. After dogri rock “Reh Gaye Hum Akele – Reprise”  and  “Iron Hawk” theme Song will hit the rock chart nationwide.

Why name Rudram?

Rudram means – Cry and anger of Rudra God who can bring change with a new beginning after the era of destruction and it is the music which has the ability to bring any change at any moment at any condition. So Rudram is all about bringing change and it is the sound of OM which has ability to bring the change in nature.

In short, Rudram is all about to bring change through its creative music can say a new beginning of era in music in Jammu Music Industry. Rudram is about to conquer greater heights, is about attitude – to innovate, to grow, to get, to pursue one’s passion, to do things differently and in different way. Rudram is all about innovating music in different way.

What is your Band’s goal?

Our Goal is to establish band name not only Nationwide but across the Globe and promote our mother language in a different way. Apart from Dogri Rock, band is working on Indian Rock, Experimental, Western, Classical-Rock, Sufi-Rock, Pop – Rap  and Vedic Carnatic Fusion Music Style.


Band songs available here:

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