Self Styled Jammu leader performed Pooja using Newspapers, Saffron Powder to Garner Cheap Publicity

A self styled leader of Jammu West Assembly constituency Sunil Dimple Thursday offered special prayers for the survivors and deceased pilgrims of Uttarakhand flash floods but while doing so he took every one including priest of Shiv Mandir, New Plot for a ride.

paper hawan on uttarakhand by sunil dimple 1Instead of using fire wood and traditional ‘havan samagiri’ for the special pooja the publicity hungry leader crossed all the limits and used old news papers to lit the fire in the ‘havan kund’

To add more colour to the event Sunil Dimple was himself dressed in saffron coloured Kurta with religious slogans pasted all over the place.

While Sunil Dimple was busy in front of the cameras his son, carrying a bunch of news papers, was burning the fire to create better visuals for the media persons.
The ‘so called’ leader of the masses was in such a great hurry that instead of bringing  ‘havan samagiri’ he chose to use a  plateful of ‘saffron powder’  to perform the two minute havan.


No priest was present during the pooja as Sunil Dimple himself took the centre stage.paper hawan on uttarakhand by sunil dimple 1

As the bunch of news papers was exhausted the pooja ceremony was called off.Reason, Sunil Dimple was keen on getting himself photographed than performing any pooja.

Sunil Dimple had organised the cosmetic pooja inside the temple to pray for the survivors and deceased who lost their lives in the Uttarakhand flash floods.

While doing so the publicity hungry leader not only hurt the religious sentiments of devouts but also made mockery of the tragedy in Uttarakhand where flash floods have left hundreds of pilgrims dead and several thousand stranded on cut-off road network due to massive landslides and inclement weather conditions.

paper hawan on uttarakhand by sunil dimple 1The same leader is in the habit of organising street protests with alarming frequency and not a single day passes peacefully when he is no seen agitating for a few seconds in front of the bunch of media persons.

When contacted Shiv Mandir priest claimed that  it is wrong to perform havan  in this order and that too sans fire wood.

He claimed that anyone who has  performed a pooja inside the temple has done so for publicity and not for the welfare of any dead or  living person. Anyone who is keen to offer prayers would never adopt such methodologies to perform pooja in first place, said the temple priest criticising the group of people who staged a pooja ceremony inside the temple complex on Thursday  in order to create favourable news for themselves.

Large number of social and religious organisations have also criticised the publicity hungry leader for taking people for a ride in a bid to garner publicity for himself.


paper hawan on uttarakhand by sunil dimple 1paper hawan on uttarakhand by sunil dimple 1

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