Geetika Kohli- Jammu-The Lost Sonnet And Other Poems

Jammu Girl Geetika Kohli’s book of poetry launched

The book, titled ‘The lost Sonnet and other poems‘ is a collection of fifty poems of various genres by Geetika Kohli.

The book is A mine of Spiritual Metaphors that the poetess found in the nightmarish ghettoes of existence. She has seen it, known it and told it like a scribe and has ventured so far as to be life’s own stooge. This is a most intimate confession of her mental sojourns and her discoveries therein.

Geetika Kohli- The Lost Sonnet And Other Poems
Geetika Kohli

The drama in her voice can be heard when one reads these poignant pieces aloud. The sound of poetry can be tasted as something even beyond ‘meaning’ surfaces the pages of this book. Geetika’s take on these contemporary and classical forms of poetry may also be seen as her tribute to all those writers she has read so far.

A toast to variety, the compilation is an answer to why poetry should not be compartmentalized.


Geetika Kohli was born in 1988 in Jammu and grew up in a bustling suburb. She is the daughter of Rajesh and Anita Kohli.

She is an MBA and has worked as a banker, a journalist and a freelance editor. Geetika began writing at a tender age and found expression in four languages- English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. She has numerous poems, stories, articles and essays to her credit. Various themes, ranging from nature, love and sorrow to existentialism and the universal question: ‘to be or not be?’ have captured her imagination so far.

Geetika, fondly calls herself ‘the lost sonnet’, which happens to be the title of her debut book. Apart from being a writer, she is also a painter and an orator. Some of her works have previously been published in an american anthology titled ‘Blossoms of India’.

The book is available here:


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