Gurdas Mann mesmerized Jammuities

Jammu festival enthralls audience but not tourists?

The six day long Jammu Festival brought together Jammuities, braving harsh weather conditions, in large numbers on single platform and revived the festival spirit centering around rich cultural heritage and traditions of Dogra rulers.

But if the objective of the festival was to attract a large number of tourists to Jammu and Kashmir, the organisers failed to attract them. 

Reason, the festival was planned in such a fashion where participation of tourists was near impossible. 

Gurdas Mann mesmerized JammuitiesBarring heritage market of Raghunath bazaar the tourists were present nowhere near the venues of the cultural events. 

For example, entry passes were required to gain entry inside the venues where musical events were organised and the same were not available to tourists. So the question arises if the objective of organisng the cultural show was to attract more and more tourists why the organisers had restricted the entry for those who were without passes. 

In addition, the organisers had not estimated the presence of tourists nor made arrangements for their transport to reach the venue of the event.

All the events which were organised in the Mubarak Mandi Heritage complex were mostly attended by local residents and the poor coordination was all visible. 

The food stalls, in the name of ethnic food were restricted to routine snacks found everywhere in the market. 

No effort was made to hard sell the authentic ethnic Dogra food. 

The musical nights, barring presentation of Santoor maestro Pt  Shiv Kumar Sharma was mostly focussed on Punjabi  music.

The six-day long festival was inaugurated by Governor N.N. Vohra and Tourism Minister Gulam Ahmed Mir at the General Zorawar Singh Auditorium of Jammu University on December 25.

Addressing a gathering, Governor Vohra complimented Mr. Mir for taking the initiative and reviving the Jammu Festival after a gap of six years. He hoped the people of Jammu would enjoy the five-day programme and the festival would be a memorable experience for them.

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