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Intelligence agencies block Omar Abdullah’s plan of declaring Nepal official route for surrendered militants to enter India under Rehabilitation policy

Intelligence agencies seems to have blocked all efforts made by the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on making the Nepal route an official one for the return of the surrendered militants/misguided youth from Jammu and Kashmir now settled in POK have not yielded fruitful results.

OmarOmar had launched an aggressive campaign in support of recognising Nepal route an official route for those returning to reunite with their families  back home after the controversy over the arrest of Liyaqat Ali Shah by Delhi police on March 22, 2013 came to light.

To pacify the  centre and other stake holders in New Delhi Omar Abdullah had even proposed setting up of separate J&K police post along the Nepal Border with Uttar Pradesh to ensure proper screening of POK youth before entering India. Initially, the proposal of separate police post was turned down by the UP police and later intelligence agencies also expressed serious concern over the move.

It is learnt the central intelligence agencies, according to top sources in the govt, have revealed that they have submitted an adverse report to the Union Home Minister in this regard and have directly opposed the move of the state government.

According to these top sources the central intelligence agencies have raised concerns with the Union Home Ministry on the basis of their past experiences in dealing with such cases.

The agencies are of the opinion that once Nepal route is accepted as official route it may compromise the security and also expose the office of the Indian embassy  in Nepal to such elements.

Official sources,however, maintained that there is no official word on the policy and likely amendments and till such time the GoI formally notifies the Nepal route as official route those returning via Nepal should not be let off so easily as militant outfits, feeling the pinch of dwindling cadre strength, may recycle them to carry out terror strikes.

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