Jammu kashmir traffic police

To increase Revenue receipts Traffic police Cops add more confusion than regulating traffic on the busy Jammu Roads

Traffic police men are deployed on ground zero to normally regulate traffic and book violators.

But in Jammu traffic police cops care little about managing/regulating traffic and focus more on issuing challans and booking violators in order to increase the revenue receipts.

The traffic police cops do not make any distinction between peak hour traffic  or routine traffic when it comes to booking violators.

On Monday at least 8 traffic police cops were seen standing near the Gujjar Nagar  barricade waiting for the two wheeler drivers and other violators to fall in the trap.

Ironically, the manner in which the traffic police cops were catching hold of traffic violators  they added to the miseries of the motorists driving on the road.

In some of the cases they even invited trouble for other motorists as violators tried to flee while affecting the clear sight of the motorists.

Four wheel drivers also faced piquant situation as they had to negotiate their way while preventing the mishap.  It is not clear why traffic police cops had to station themselves at places which are prone to accidents and add to the traffic chaos than ensuring smooth movement of traffic.Jammu kashmir traffic police

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