His father is a JKCA President, But Omar says Politicians should not administer Sports

Union Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah, who is occupying the chair of President Jammu and Kashmir Cricket  Association for a long time, may not listen but his son and J&K Chief Minister has advised politicians to stop administering sports and focus their energies on politics only.

farooqDr Abdullah faced heat of allegations  in a mutli crore JKCA scam last year soon after  it made headlines in the national media. An amount to the tune of ₹50 crore, according to the allegations leveled by the opposition party PDP, was siphoned off by the close aides of Dr Abdullah.

Interestingly, separate inquiries ordered by the state police and JKCA are still not over neither it has achieved any major headway in terms of fixing the responsibility of those who were responsible for mismanagement of the JKCA funds.

Meanwhile, Omar on Saturday gave one more important advice to the politicians not to adopt double standards when it comes to allegations of corruption in politics and corruption in sports.

“Sports should be administered by sports people, lets leave politics to the politicians” Omar said on the sidelines of a public gathering here in RS Pura area of Jammu.

Launching a scathing attack on politicians especially those belonging to opposition as to why they are silent over allegations of involvement of close relatives of BCCI functionaries in the match fixing scandal Omar said, “politicians cannot apply double standards when it comes to politics and when it comes to cricket”.

He said, the same politicians demand ministers head on the basis of allegations, nothing was proven against Ashwani  Kumar, nothing was proven against the Railway Minister  but they were asked to resign only on the basis of suspicion .If that is the case then why is the case these politicians who in the opposition are great protectors of morality are quiet when it comes to the cricket body . I believe the same standards should be applied by them to the institution of BCCI. Omar-Abdullah

Omar  also admitted, the sort of scams that are being unearthed every day is having a dent on the fans in terms of their enthusiasm over the product of IPL. Omar said, “I believe if the IPL is to survive it will have to be cleaned out”.

He also made it clear that I am not talking as a politician. I am talking as a general lover of sport, as a lover of cricket. “I am not very enthused about watching the final in the evening. If this is my state there are other people like me. I am unlikely to switch on the TV and watch the match this evening because of the steady stream of scandals that have unfolded in the recent days”.

Strongly advocating the need to take some tough  decisions Omar said, I believe If the BCCI  is committed  to cricket then no matter which head has to roll it has to roll, cricket has to be cleaned out and a clean product has to be given to the cricket fans in this country.

On the question of  candidature of Dr Farooq Abdullah for the post of BCCI Omar said, I have been counseling my father and I am not in favour  of that. Omar said Dr Abdullah had enough responsibility beyond taking more, I personally believe and I am of the opinion that the sport bodies should be administered by sports people. He said that is the greatest favour we can do to our sports people.

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