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High time for Housing Min Raman Bhalla to build his image by demolishing illegal encroachments by Gazetted officers, Police officers and Politicians in Channi Himmat

Unholy nexus of Corrupt officers maligning his public image ahead of assembly polls

It appears the Jammu and Kashmir Housing Board department, headed by Housing Minister Raman Bhalla, has redrafted the definition of encroachment to suit the whims and fancies of VVIP violators.

For Housing board authorities it is alright if VVIP’s including their own gazetted officers,police officers and politicians encroach and raise illegal and concrete structures in violation of the rules.

The staff of the Khilafwarzi wing will simply ignore the encroachment and wait for their turn to earn the pat on the back from those who break rules and reward them for remaining a mute spectator.

In contrast if some one who is not well connected with the powers be at the helm or is not in a position to dictate terms to senior Housing board authorities it is no less than a crime even if it involves raising a temporary structure.

The Housing board authorities,under pressure from extra constitutional authorities, even go to the extent of misusing police force to harass the common citizens but they could not dare touch the illegal structures of their employees against whom written complaints have been gathering dust in the office of MD JK Housing Board and DGM Housing unit I, Channi Himmat.

Pictures attached clearly show concrete structures have been raised by the VVIP flat owners but no one in the JK Housing Board department has ever dared to question or even slap a notice to these violators.

The self styled officers of the Khilafwarzi wing, with years of experience behind them, had never made an effort to stop the encroachments in first place when they were being raised. For past several years these officers have survived in the department by remaining in the good books of corrupt officers and fulfilling their agenda to filling their own coffers.

They hide them behind rules and orders of their senior authorities who apparently appeared to be hand in glove with these violators.

More than two weeks have passed when the matter related to grave violation of rules and encroachments by the gazetted officers of JK Housing Board, Police officers and politicians belonging to the ruling party in SFS Flats Pocket 6, Sector 2 Channi Himmat, Housing board flats Panama Chowk, SFS Flats opposite Channi Himmat Police station complex, have been brought to the notice of Housing minister Raman Bhalla and Managing Director of JK Housing Board but till date no action has followed.

All the senior functionaries of the JK Housing board remain tight lipped whenever they were approached for necessary action against the violators.

They are yet to gather enough courage to demolish the illegal structures of  their own employees,police officers and politicians in SFS Flats, jk housing board encroachment-raman bhalla-congressPocket 6, Sector 2 CHANNI-Himmat. An unholy nexus between the officers of the Khilafwarzi wing of the JK Housing board and VVIP violators has created this precarious situation for the JK Housing Board authorities,most of whom do not even know the scale of encroachment.

It remains to be seen whether the Housing Minister Raman Bhalla is capable enough to crack his whip and remove all those illegal encroachments or end up demolishing his own image in the eyes of the electorate by remaining a mute spectator.


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