Govt seeking Financial Assistance from Centre but not prepared to release salaries of Distressed Employees- Jammu Kashmir Floods

Govt seeking Financial Assistance from Centre but not prepared to release salaries of Distressed Employees

On one hand the state govt is seeking liberal assistance from the Union govt to help flood affected population rebuild their lives before the onset of winter season and on the other hand the same govt has thought of a novel idea of not releasing salaries of state govt employees who are yet to report on duty after the devastating floods hit the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

In the absence of any fool proof mechanism where it has been verified that all the employees of the state govt survived the deluge and are fighting fit despite remaining submerged in flood waters for over one week.

It is not known to the state govt agencies whether any state govt employee has suffered loss of life of his near and dear ones and whether there is any employee whose house has been damaged in the flood.

In view of the above mentioned circumstances it is not possible for any individual to immediately report on duty as he/she must have been struggling to come to terms with the crisis situation.

Responding to the regular announcements though large percentage of employees have reported back on duty but all those who are still absent may have been dealing with genuine problems at hands. In that case without ascertaining the facts from ground zero it is appropriate to block their salaries when they may be needing the money the most.

Earlier in the day the GAD department  had issued a circular stating the employees of the State Government, who have not resumes duties till date are directed to report back at their respective place of posting, immediately; failing which they shall be treated as absent from duties and necessary action as warranted under rules shall be taken against such employees.

According to General Administration Department, Civil Secretariat, Srinagar, the drawing and disbursing officers shall not draw salaries for the month of September, 2014, in favour of such employees who fail to report for duties, by or before the September, 25, 2014.

The Administrative Secretaries are requested to furnish the details of delinquent employees to General Administration Department by Monday, 29th, September, positively.

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