Ghulam hasan Mir- Mustafa Kamal

Ghulam Hasan Mir should tender his resignation on moral grounds: Dr Mustafa Kamal

A political storm has hit the state of Jammu and Kashmir. On Friday a national daily carried a sensational report highlighting the misuse of huge amount of funds by the technical services Division of the Indian armys’ Military Intelligence Unit during the term of General VK Singh in office.

In the same report, it was also revealed that Agriculture Minister Ghulam Hasan Mir was also given Rs 1.19 crores  to engineer a change of government in Jammu and Kashmir.
Ghulam hasan Mir- Mustafa KamalReacting to these developments here in Jammu Additional General Secretary of National Conference Dr Mustafa Kamal Friday demanded resignation of the state Agriculture Minister Ghulam Hasan Mir on moral grounds. He said his name too has surfaced in the Army inquiry report so he must tender his resignation on moral grounds.
Though GH Mir has labeled these charges as ‘baseless’  but he should immediately meet Chief Minister and tender his resignation on moral grounds till the time thorough probe gets over.
Dr Kamal said,  “I am sure he will never offer his resignation. Mir is power hungry and is attached to the chair.”

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Expressing concern over the serious nature of charges Dr Kamal said, “I feel sad and ashamed that we have in our midst such kind of people who had shady past and was misused by the intelligence agencies and the Indian army.

Targeting the role of Indian army in Jammu and Kashmir, Dr Musatafa Kamal said the expose has definitely affected the reputation of the Indian army.

He said this is just a scene of a big picture we don’t know at this stage how many sins have been committed by the Indian army in Kashmir in the recent years.

Kamal who is already in the habit of attacking the army told reporters instead of focusing on their basic role of defending the frontiers the Army officers are engaged in civilian works.He said, the Indian army is hiding its wrong doings under the shadow of Operation Sadbhavna. He questioned, whether the Indian army has got the mandate to carry out such tasks.

Kamal alleged they bypass the school education department when it comes to distributing computers and other items without asking the state govt.He said the army is facing the challenge from two neighboring countries on the LAC and along LOC but it is engaged in such activities which have now come under the scanner.

Kamal also attacked the army for carrying out atrocities against women in Kashmir to defame the state govt. Dr Kamal, however, expressed happiness over the expose by claiming that with this expose their friends in Delhi would get strengthened and such people who were used as pawns by the agencies would be exposed.

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