Farooq and Omar continue to attack Modi, developmental issues takes back seat

Omar says J&K has found its great friend in Rahul Gandhi

Union minister and ruling National Conference (NC) president Farooq Abdullah today cautioned the people of J&K against political forces who pursue “divisive and communal agendas” to weaken the secular fabric of the state.

He said, “I caution the people against those political forces that pursue divisive and communal agendas to weaken the secular fabric of State”

“The people of J&K will foil the machinations of communal forces and their proxies in the state by staying united and standing resolutely in defence of the State’s integrity and dignity,” he said.

While addressing public meetings at Mendhar and Rajouri, Chief Minister Omar said the State’s Coalition Government was looking up to the Union Government to take care of the interests of the Paharis but since that could not happen for some reason, the party will fulfill the commitments it has made in the manifesto to the Paharis before the end of Coalition Government’s present term.

The Chief Minister, who is also Working President of National Conference, cautioned the people against the conspiracy being hatched by BJP to polarize the atmosphere in the Country for paving the way to grab power and destabilize the harmony and brotherhood.

Drawing parallels between Narinder Modi and Rahul Gandhi, Omar Abdullah, who is also Working President of National Conference, said that the dictatorial behaviour and venomous approach towards Muslims and other communities of BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate makes him unfit to lead a Country of pluralistic ethos while the clean and transparent image of Rahul Gandhi representing all the sections of the society is the fittest person to lead India.

Modi- Enemy no.-1
Bunty Toons: Modi- Enemy no.-1

He said the Country is at the cross road of making a choice between a dictator with communal ideology like Mr. Modi and a secular democratic young person Rahul Gandhi with a clear mission and determination to lead the Country sincerely.

Omar Abdullah reiterated that Narinder Modi who did not show a courtesy to express sorry for the killings of large number of innocents in Gujarat and categorically denied wearing of a cap presented to him by Muslims does not qualify for being the Prime Minister of the country.

“It is amply clear that despite knowing that its candidate will not survive in the election fray, PDP in Poonch-Jammu Parliamentary Constituency has purposely and tactfully fielded an inhabitant of Poonch area to attempt at dividing the votes and help BJP”, he said adding that BJP and PDP are in fact two faces of the same coin nurturing the politics of hatred and communalizing the atmosphere. He said people of the State are fully aware of this kind of politics and have always foiled such designs in the past and will defeat these again and again.

The Working President National Conference said that people should clearly know that Parliamentary Elections are completely different than the State Assembly Elections.

“While the former are aimed at forming the government at the Centre to run the affairs of the Country, the later are regarding electing the State Government. Presently we have to elect the Parliament and the Prime Minister of the Country, as such, our all attention should be to elect such a government as would be of representative character and equally beneficial and caring for the people of all sections of the society and all areas of the Country”, he said asking the people not to get astrayed by those who want to mislead them by confusing the purposes of the two elections.

Omar Abdullah said that when the time of State Assembly Elections will arrive the Coalition Government will come before the people and present their performance record to them area-wise and region-wise.

He referred to the tremendous support provided by UPA Government to the State in its efforts to carry forward holistic and inclusive development and achieve peace and development goals.

J&K CM Omar also mentioned the efforts put in place by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi to help Jammu and Kashmir make new strides in employment generation, women’s development and amelioration of weaker sections of the society in particular and the development of the entire State in general.

Omar Abdullah said that in Rahul Gandhi Jammu and Kashmir has found its great friend who is always at beck and call of the State and renders full support to it to overcome difficulties and march towards prosperity.

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