Bahu Fort collapse
Portion of Boundary wall of Bahu fort collapsed few months ago

Facing neglect boundary wall of Bahu fort crumbles, authorities continue to sleep

The most striking and the tallest heritage structure popularly known as Bahu Fort in the city of temples suffered a major as one of its boundary walls facing the old city area came crumbling down on saturday morning.

Bahu Fort collapse

Incessant rains in Jammu in the last few days may have rendered the soil beneath the structure little moist but it must have been the poor quality of renovation work which resulted in the fall of the majestic wall of the heritage structure around 10:10 a.m., one was injured in the collapse.

Located on the banks of river Tawi, the fort which houses famous temple of Goddess Maha Kali is a state protected monument. In the recent years the state govt has spent considerable amount of money on its preservation and renovation work.

Despite taking precautions  on saturday when the boundary wall collapsed it exposed the laxity on the part of the Department of Archives, Archeology and Museum  which had carried out the restoration work.

Various social bodies and activists who are spearheading a campaign for better facilities for disciples visiting Maha Kali temple in Bahu Fort accused the state govt agencies for ignoring the warnings and carryin gout poor quality of renovation work.

Minister of Housing, Culture and Hortculture Raman Bhalla along with senior officers of the Jammu Development Authority and senior engineers visited the Bahu Fort and directed them to carry out better quality renovation work to restore the pristine glory of the Bahu Fort.

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