Earthquake: Mainshock, foreshocks, Aftershocks- How to deal with it?

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake that jolted Jammu and Kashmir and North India earlier in the day on Wednesday has raised the expectation of more aftershocks. As per the news coming from Doda district of Jammu Region, so far locals have experienced more than 5 aftershocks. Though this tremor can be a foreshock also pointing towards the may-come mainshock. earth quake


As there is no certain technique or warning system to foretell the occurrence of earthquake so some safety precautions should be revised to minimize the injury and loss. Some of them are :

Before earthquake

  1. Prepare an earthquake emergency kit with non perishable food, bottled water, flashlight, whistle, first aid material and copies of important document (birth certificate, prescription, insurance papers etc). Make it light weight and accessible.
  2. Keep cell phone charged so that it can be used during and after calamity to inform medical services and your kith and kins.
  3. Ensure that your flat or building meets the earthquake construction requirements.
  4. Update home insurance policy and other covers.


During earthquake


  1. Immediately seek a safe location i.e. beneath a table or desk.
  2. Cover your head and eyes to minimize injury from debris.
  3. Move outside to open areas away from building, trees and power poles.


After earthquakeepicenter

  1.  Remain calm and reassuring. Check yourself and other for injuries. Do not move injured people unless they are in danger. Use your training to provide first aid, use fire extinguishers, and clean up spills. In laboratories, safely shut down processes when possible.
  2.  Expect aftershocks. After large earthquakes, tremors and aftershocks can continue for days.
  3.  Be ready to act without electricity or lights. Know how to move around your work area and how to exit in the dark. Know how to access and use your emergency supplies. Be aware of objects that have shifted during the quake.

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