A scene from the play Gaya Ge Kutthe Ha directed by Neeraj Kant being staged in Natrang Sunday Theatre Series

Dogri comedy play ‘Gaya Ge Kutthe Ha’ staged

A new comedy play in Dogri, ‘Gaya Ge Kutthe Ha’ staged here today at Natrang Studio Theatre in its weekly theatre series, Sunday Theatre. The play which carried many hilarious situations of day-to-day life was written by Chanchal Sharma and directed by Neeraj Kant.

A scene from the play Gaya Ge Kutthe Ha directed by Neeraj Kant being staged in Natrang Sunday Theatre SeriesThe play opens at the home of one middle-class couple where wife is anxiously waiting for her husband to come home as he had promised in the morning that he will take her to cinema in the evening but to her dismay he has not returned back even after the timing of the show is over.

On returning home, the embarrassed husband gives many excuses for not being able to get the movie tickets on which the wife showers a bounty of complains on him very belligerently  and it appears that she is facing many problems in her household.

To pacify her, husband comes with a proposal of going for outing and having dinner there, the wife readily agrees to this and they both imagine a wonderful and romantic evening but to the surprise of both , husband’s friend arrives there to spend some time with them and ruining their evening plan.

They could not help expressing their disinterest in his visit but he was too insensitive to understand it. Suddenly the younger sister of the wife also comes there who is liked by the husband’s friend and in the course of conversation, their marriage is also proposed by the husband which was welcomed by the wife after knowing that the person is well educated and well settled. Though the evening which was full of confusion ended in a happy note.

Natrang artists who performed in the play included Rahul Singh, Pawan Verma, Neha Sharma and Sakshi Parkash. The lights were operated by Uplaksh Singh Kotwal and the Music was scored by Anita Dhar. Sets were designed by Mohd. Yaseen and the show was coordinated by Sumeet Sharma.

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