Mubarak Mandi Heritage

Crumbling Mubarak Mandi heritage reels under Govt apathy and hollow promises

Just to recode the flair of the historic background, a little awareness and love for heritage is needed !

Mubarak Mandi Heritage
When you walk along the sides of the majestic walls of the ancient Dogra heritage, you can smell the fragrance of royalty. The broken windows and tired doors were once used to enjoy royal events and processions. Mubarak Mandi Complex, was once the residence of the rulers of the Dogra Dynasty. This is one of the ancient structure in Jammu which is over  150 years old, that is recognized for its grandeur and beauty. The Mubarak Mandi Complex was divided into several different sections during the time of Dogra rulers, which is unfortunately vanished. 

Mubarak Mandi Heritage

The history has not been restored to save our cultural aesthetics, which have been dying quietly since years. Our government did not do their duties properly, our agencies keep on saying that renovation is going on to preserve our ancient heritage but it doesn’t match the reality on the ground. Is it enough to re- built the structure? What about the real exquisite architecture? 

Instead of preserving Dogra heritage building, the government seems like waiting for the time till it gets converted into wreck. Although the transformation is going on, even a conservation plan for rebuilding the ancient heritage is on. But the work is going at a snail’s pace.Shockingly Even local residents continue to spoil the surroundings by dumping garbage in the close vicinity of the complex.

Mubarak Mandi Heritage

Its time to wake up otherwise we would not be able to get the real traditional /cultural authenticity that we had in past in which  we can feel the realm of our great Dogra rulers. These heritages are a physical reminder connecting the past with the present. We know that our heritage with the invasion of modern touch is vague, it is just about “Preservation of the heritage”.

We can’t go back to the past from our being , but we can go forward and can aware our generations. We can’t be the mute spectators to keep watch our heritage turning into rubble. We can at least contribute in spreading the  knowledge, love and the significance of our ancient heritage. The need is to involve local crowd whose identity is shaped by the heritage and a future has no sense without the account of aesthetic and cultural value. Lip service will not serve the cause.

Mubarak Mandi Heritage

We can open the windows of the complex with  pride and can proudly say that we have a rich historic background, if we would take a single step forward, not purely depended on the government to act !

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