Corruption in India- A Deadly Disease



Corruption has become a deadly disease like Diabetes, Malaria etc. It has engulfed the whole nation. It has very much become a part of our DNA. It is not something which is inherited in us but as soon as we become a part of this society, we get exposed to this. It is increasing day-by- day and spreading like cancer cells, as there is no medicine available in this society to stop it. Very soon, it will become an epidemic and no one will be able to stay away from the ill effects of this.

Whether it is a government or private institution, corruption is everywhere. The truth is, if you are not corrupt, then your existence in this society becomes very difficult and you are not likely to sustain with its absence. We generally link corruption with the political parties, bureaucrats or criminals; it is not only linked with these elements but in the broader sense it is linked with all the individuals who are somehow related with some kind of theft.

If a person is involved in the theft of electricity or if a person is not filing an IT return, then that person is linked with corruption. So, in one or the other way most of the people in this country are corrupt. Most of the people don’t go to vote and because of this, sometimes we indirectly choose those persons who are selfish and corrupt. If we want to remove the corruption from this society, we have to start removing it from the grass root level. We have to bring a change in the society, so that we can change the mentality of the persons and make them incorrupt.

Battle Against Corruption

Now, the question is how to remove the disease of corruption from this society? Many people say education is the only way to remove the corruption from this society, but we have seen many cases in which the highly educated people are involved in the corruption and scams. Yes, education is one way to remove this but not the only way.

First, we have to make the corruption-free environment, and then only we can use the tool of education to remove the disease of corruption. To make this happen, we have to make strict laws against corruption, set-up fast track courts which will only look into corruption cases, give strict punishment to those who are involved in corruption cases, set-up anti-corruption agencies and more NGOs which will keep an eye on corruption. So in the end, if we want to save this nation and the poor people of this nation from the ill effects of corruption, then we all have to make efforts by throwing it out of this society.

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