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Congress minister bats for Hindu CM in J&K

A senior Congress Minister Sham Lal Sharma wednesday created flutter in the corridors of power by claiming that the next Chief Minister of J&K state should be a Hindu.

Fire brand Congress Minister is known for taking a stand on Jammu centric issues and his statement ahead of the Assembly polls is significant in many ways especially when BJP is hoping to ride high on pro Modi wave in Jammu region to realise its dream of Mission 44 plus in the state.

Addressing a Congress youth rally in Jammu, Sharma coined this new slogan to attract support of the Hindu vote bank.

Without mincing words Sharma told party youth wing workers.

“You must fight for a Hindu chief minister for the state. You should also raise your voice for a regional council for the Jammu region”.

Sharma said if a person belonging to a minority community that constitutes just 2 percent of the population of the country can be the prime minister for ten years, why cannot a Hindu be the chief minister of J&K, where Hindus form the largest minority.

He also asked how can Jammu get justice when out of 7000 employees in the state civil secretariat, just 200 belong to Jammu.

Sharma’s demand for a Hindu chief minister comes in the wake of heavy polarization between communities in the Hindu majority Jammu region of the state during the Lok Sabha election in which the BJP won both seats from the region.

Since the country’s Independence in 1947, J&K has traditionally had Muslim chief ministers since this is the only Muslim majority state of the country.

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