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Congress has ditched the people of Jammu and Ladakh, acted as B-team of NC and PDP: BJP

Condemning the National Conference (NC) leadership for invoking religion to garner votes, Prof Hari Om, Political Advisor to BJP State President Jugal Kishore Sharma, on Monday demanded de-recognition of this pro-autonomy party saying not to do so would be only allow to it to further communalize the whole ongoing electoral exercise in the state.

“Derecognize the NC without losing a moment. It has insulted the holy Quran and has been invoking religion to garner votes in the state,” he said, and added that it is imperative for the State Governor to dismiss the NC-Congress coalition Government and the Election Commission to derecognize the NC, which has been brazenly subverting the secular and democratic polity for petty votes.

He demanded de-recognition of the NC and dismissal of the NC-Congress coalition government while reacting to the NC leader and Social Welfare Minister Sakina Itoo’s despicable attempt to force a Kashmiri voter to take oath with Quran in his hands that he will pull up his socks like in the past to support us (NC) in the upcoming elections and she will also return favours to him later”.

“What the NC minister did was not just a gross violation of the model code of conduct and subversion of the democratic process, but it was a brazen attempt of the frustrated and desperate NC leadership to give a religious colour to the ongoing electoral process for political benefits. The invocation of religion to seek vote and loyalty, coupled with a promise that she would do him favours later, also established that the NC, like the Congress, is losing the election, Prof. Hari Om said, adding that the politically conscious electorate in the state would not only punish the NC but also the Congress whose ideology is as regressive as that of the NC.

Rubbishing the claim of the NC that a vote for the PDP would be a vote for the BJP, Prof. Hari Om said that while the BJP stands for the state’s total integration with India and abrogation of the divisive, anti-people and anti-democratic Article 370, the PDP, like the NC and the Congress, not only favours a regime outside the Indian Constitution but also India-Pakistan joint control over Jammu & Kashmir.

“The BJP is a nationalist party which believes in the unity and integrity of India. It was not for nothing that BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi on March 26 at Bharat Vijay Rally at Hiranagar castigated Pakistan, Defence Minister A K Antony and anarchist Arvind Kejriwal and dismissed Antony and Kejriwal as Pakistani agents and anti-India. The BJP will never compromise its ideology,” he declared, and added that the BJP made several supreme sacrifices in the state for the protection of national cause and it will continue to do so until the state gets totally integrated with India.

Prof Hari Om also dismissed out of hand the demand of Farooq Abdullah seeking autonomy for the state and said that the people of Jammu and Ladakh, besides the internally-displaced Kashmiri Hindus, are vehemently to opposed to the autonomy concept and self-rule doctrine as it believes that the appreciation of any of these two formulations would lead to the country’s disintegration and seal the fate of all the minority communities in the state for ever.

“The people of Jammu and Ladakh have not given any mandate to Farooq Abdullah to speak on their behalf,” he said.

Regarding the Congress’s claim that it has dispensed justice to Jammu, Prof Hari Om said that the Congress has damaged Jammu province more as compared to other political parties to keep their Kashmiri masters on its right side and expressed the hope that the grossly discriminated people of the province will punish the Congress in the elections and ensure the victory of the BJP candidates taking into account the larger national interest as well as their own interest.

“The Congress has all along ditched the people of Jammu province and Ladakh region and acted as B-team of parties like the NC and the PDP,” he said, adding that it is bereft of any ideology and that it can flirt with any political party to remain in power.

“The 2014 general elections are very crucial for the country. A vote for the Congress would not only be a vote for the NC and corruption but also a vote for the destruction of the country and communal and regressive politics and a vote for the BJP would a vote for national unity, social harmony, communal amity, all-round development and end of discrimination with the ignored people of Jammu province and Ladakh and empowerment of refugees, SCs, STs, OBCs and similar other social groups,” said Prof Hari Om, adding that the BJP has no doubt that the people will seize the opportunity and decimate the Congress and its allies across the nation and strengthen the hands of Narendra Modi, a great leader India ever produced post-independence.

State General Secretary Bali Bhagat and State Press Secretary Balbir Ram Rattan were also present in the press conference.

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