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College Life – The best part of life

After 8a.m-12p.m schedule and disciplined life of a school, college comes as a relishing treat in the life of a student. As education is the best provision for life’s journey, college is the best institution to turn an immature fresh student into a mature balanced citizen. It is a Pandora’s box, filled with endless fun, humour, friends and also with responsibilities.

Jammu UniversityThough college is a synonym for parties, trips and freedom, it is also a platform to show your excellence and confirm the chances of better jobs. In school there is a clear line between school life and home life but when you come to college and live in the campus, you are constantly among friends and trying new things. Thus it becomes necessary to plan your chores while enjoying your newly gained freedom. 

Paras Gupta (student G.G.M Science College) says, “I have my personal bank account, ATM card,  driving license and everything which I earlier used to long for but now the difficult part is to use them wisely. Although it is fun but a duty also.”

Jammu has both professional and graduation colleges, different colleges for boys and girls and even co-education colleges also, but liberties given in all the colleges are not the same. Equality of both the genders is a constitutional provision and Jammu has 2 separate government colleges for women education which is appreciable, but it is burlesque when an entirely different approach is followed about leniency.

Sonika Sharma (student, G.C.W Parade) says, “Point out to me one difference between the intellectual abilities of a 20 years boy and a girl? If there is not, why college doors are not open for us like boys and if there is any, shut all the girls of the state behind the doors”

If schools are the temples of education, colleges are like amusement parks (in a humble sense) where you have easy rides (easy subjects) and tough rides (Physics, Chemistry, Botany and all ) and you have the choices to choose amongst them. Helping guides (teachers) are always at your expense and restaurants (canteens) where you can bump in any time.

Nitish Sharma (Intern, Medical College Jammu) expresses, happiness on being a part of this institution. Here we study a lot and also enjoy a lot. Faculty is cooperative and encouraging. I think my college is the best college in the city.

In addition to academics, colleges in the city also provide vocational courses and add on courses like diploma course in dietician, photography, creative writing, Painting etc. Inter college competitions like debates, symposium, calligraphy, poster making and many sports competitions are also organized. Blood donation camps, visits to old age homes, orphanages and picnic trips and tours are also an important part of the annual calendar. Thus life in college is not stereotyped but it lays on a student how to manage it.

As far as my personal opinion is concerned I’ll quote what my dad has said to me when I was about to enter the college: “These three years will enrich you with experiences of thirty years. Whether good or bad, you will learn a life time lesson and make memories worth cherishing, college life is magnetic and it must be a part of everyone’s life”.

To conclude, I’ll put down the beautiful lines of an artist who in a nutshell describes the whole journey of a college as:

In grade school, I heard about it.

In high school, I prepared for it.

In my first year, I explored it.

In my second year, I focused on it.

In my third year, I felt part of it.

In my fourth year, I graduated from it.

Now, I have a job, Because of it.

Source: Published in 1st Edition of Jammu Redefining Magazine

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