Changing taste of Jammu: Dikh raha hai sab, phir bhi so rahe hain sab

First Bagh-e-Bahu lost its charm as a favorite family destination and tourist’s paradise after it came to be known as ‘lover’s paradise‘.

Struck by cupid the uninitiated in the game of love, mostly school and college going students, flouted all norms of decency and often DIKH-RAHA-HAI-SAB-PHIR-BHI-SO-RAHE-HAIN SAB- Baghe bahu-Jammu embraced each other in full public gaze ‘unmindful’ of the presence of large number of tourists and school children who frequented the park for routine picnics.

Seldom policemen cracked down and allowed this ‘immoral’ activity till it reached point of no return. 

Now it is the turn of Jammu city’s tallest garden in the premises of Fish Aquarium to become another victim at the hands of ‘hungry’ love birds.

These days the park has become the ‘hot bed’ of romantic couples and they can be seen spending ‘lovely‘ moments under the watchful eyes of care takers without facing any stick or genuine warning. 

Presence of these lovers in the park often prohibit tourists to spend quality time in the park and also paint a bad picture  of ‘city of temples’ in front of their eyes. DIKH-RAHA-HAI-SAB-PHIR-BHI-SO-RAHE-HAIN SAB- Baghe bahu-Jammu

Despite heavy foot falls throughout the day these couples remain busy and don’t shy away from showering love on each other.

In some cases the couples, caught red handed in compromising positions, with their pants down were let off after pocketing crisp currency notes by the care takers. 

The policemen, who are well aware of the nuisance, avoid intervening in the matter as many a times they were approached by well connected people to let off the lovers without penalizing them. 

Spending time together and sitting together is never objected to by anyone and no one is keen on becoming moral police but when public parks are reduced to ‘love making‘ spots the civil society should come together and raise their voice to do the clean up act else we may end up losing the reputation of denizens of ‘city of temples‘.

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