Devender Rana

Why is NC provincial President Rana obsessed with BJP bashing only?

With election season nearing the political activity is peaking across peaceful districts of Jammu division. Starting from National Conference, PDP, Congress, BSP, Panthers Party and BJP almost all the political parties are organising regular public meetings and mass contact programmes. The top brass of these political parties have set their eyes on the traditional vote bank of their opponents to consolidate their own position in the next elections. On one hand the alliance partners in the state are pulling in different directions and are not willing to forge any pre-poll alliance and on the other other the main opposition parties Peoples Democratic Party, BJP and Panthers party are working hard to expose the fault lines between the alliance partners. Alarmed …

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Muzaffarnagar vs Kishtwar: Victims of Young leadership?

The pain and sufferings of riot victims in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh has shocked the nation with media persons flashing the ‘gory’ pictures of violence from ground zero. The centre govt has taken the state govt to task over showing laxity in controlling the violence. The young Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav  is facing the heat as his govt gave a long rope to the trouble makers and wasted crucial time in controlling the situation from going out of hands. The Governor’s office in Uttar Pradesh is also actively feeding ground reports to the centre and maintaining a close watch to ensure violence does not spread further to other sensitive areas of the state and loss of life and property …

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Social Revolution and Shree Krishna!!

Bharat, the Land of Great Avatars and Sages, who have shown by example how to live a life of Dharma. And amongst them is Shree Krishna, the Poorna Avatar, Great Social Reformer, Brilliant Politician, and a Teacher of Spirituality. There has been no one like him. He was born in dire circumstances, amidst thunder and lightening but as a beacon of hope as bright as a thousand splendid suns. He came at a time when every body’s motto was Eat, Drink and Be Merry. The Brahmins were not independent and were patrons of the ruling elite. The subjects taught did not include Life Lessons. Education was merely livelihood training and did not explain ways to truly develop one’s life. The …

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Mubarak Mandi Heritage

Crumbling Mubarak Mandi heritage reels under Govt apathy and hollow promises

Just to recode the flair of the historic background, a little awareness and love for heritage is needed ! When you walk along the sides of the majestic walls of the ancient Dogra heritage, you can smell the fragrance of royalty. The broken windows and tired doors were once used to enjoy royal events and processions. Mubarak Mandi Complex, was once the residence of the rulers of the Dogra Dynasty. This is one of the ancient structure in Jammu which is over  150 years old, that is recognized for its grandeur and beauty. The Mubarak Mandi Complex was divided into several different sections during the time of Dogra rulers, which is unfortunately vanished.  The history has not been restored to …

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Separate Jammu State?

The long struggle of the people of Telangana for a separate state may be over but here in Jammu the murmurs of separate statehood for Jammu region has started reverberating after a long gap. The political parties, emotionally connected with the cause and struggle of the people of Jammu have also decided to come out of the self imposed hibernation to explore the possibility of reviving the struggle against the dominance of Kashmiri leadership at the helm of affairs. The political landscape of the winter capital is already witnessing hectic activity and closed door parleys to revive the struggle. Others who have not spoken on the issue are for the time being weighing pros and cons before taking the plunge …

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DY CM Tara Chand

Why State Govt. has failed to take action against Addl PRO for levelling serious allegations against Tara Chand?

In Jammu and Kashmir where cases under Public Safety Act (PSA) are booked against stone pelters, rumor mongers and those indulging in hate campaign on the social networking sites to spread hatred in the society but there is no punishment for those who level serious allegations of sexual exploitation, murder, corruption against the second most powerful head of the government. More than four days after Kewal Sharma, Additional Public Relations Officer of Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand created ripples in the corridors of power by way of leveling serious allegations of sexual exploitation, planned murder and rampant corruption in departments under his charge but the state government  is yet to respond to the  adverse media reports following sensational allegations.   …

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Main Bus stand katra

Katra Municipal Committee’s callous attitude turned Holy Katra town into a Garbage City

It is awful to see the garbage and polyethene spread all over the town and Rains have made the condition worse. Seeing the insensitive attitude of attitude Katra residents are asking “What is the Katra Municipal Committee doing ?” A fight for right to clean the city is needed here ! You can easily notice huge heaps of polyethenes(though there is a ‘strict’ ban on polyethene bags in J&K) and garbage in the main areas like Main Bus Stand, Main market, Ban Ganga Road ( Holy Ban Ganga is also  polluted with plastic and garbage), Counter number two. The town’s entire garbage is being dumped since long time in the outskirts of Holy town, which happens to be the main …

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Surya Namaskar_ Yoga_india

A Sense of Ownership and Pride

I feel blessed being born a human and a woman on that. I am grateful for many other things I have been born into…parents, extended family, community, country and my faith. I honestly believe in the quote “Durlabham Bharat Janama“. This in no way makes me think lesser of the other gender, race, faith and nationality. There is no sense of superiority, just a healthy sense of pride. Because of my land of birth I was also born into a philosophy and a way of life- The Vedic Philosophy. I do not like to use the word ‘Hindu’ since it is grossly misunderstood and misinterpreted. It is not a Sanskrit word and is not found in any of our scriptures. …

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Where are the Non-Lethal weapons of J&K police?

Not very long ago the Jammu and Kashmir police had equipped itself with non-lethal weapons and ammunition to deal with  the violent  mobs. But on Thursday when J&K police arrived at the scene of action in Gool  area of Ramban district the majority of policemen were not armed with non-lethal weapons and had no other option but to fall back upon their traditional weapons to contain the law and order situation as it fast slipped out of their hands. According to police sources, the local teams from Ramban, Gool and Sangaldhan were not adequately equipped with non-lethal weapons to deal with the volatile situation on ground zero The police officers on their part claimed that they had not been provided …

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Ramban DC office set ablaze by mob

Ramban Killings: Raised some serious questions, but who will answer them?

 District Police/Administration caught napping? or They failed to read the volatile situation in time? or They were handicapped by political Compulsions too?   Issuing heartfelt statements and strongly protesting against the highhandedness of the security forces, time and again, is not the only job of the state Chief Minister. The death of four civilians including close relative of a National Conference leader in the firing incident in Ramban has once again exposed the preparedness of the state police force when it comes to handling law and order challenges when needed the most. If today the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah had to once again issue a statement where he strongly protested against the use of force against unarmed protesters  then before doing so …

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