Dear Readers, This article is not completely in English. I have used the language which we generally use in our day to day life….. Hindi-English mix…. so that it does not remain, just an article…….  AGAR FIRDAUS BAROI ZAMIEAST HAMIEAST…HAMIEAST..HAMIEAST…. The above quote is quite famous and perfectly fits on Udhampur…It simply means ”agar dharti par kahin swarg hai toh yahin hai,yahin hai..”(for me atleast)..Jitna pyaara naam utni hi pyaari jagah…I am sure many of you will agree to this..This is not just an article..I am going to share my own experiences which I have had till now in Udhampur.. I am basically from Ramnagar,somewhat 38 kms. from Udhampur.Before shifting to Udhampur,the only thing which I knew about this …

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