Where is Maharaja Hari Singh park?

hari singh park

A year ago on April 1,2012 Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad and his loyalists in Jammu had organised a big show of strength in the under construction Maharaja Hari Singhji park.  Speaking  on the occasion Union Health Minister in the company of Dr Karan Singh, son of Maharaja Hari Singh, had said the park would prove to be a boon for the people of Jammu city and tourists as it would be developed as joggers park. Ironically, one year has passed  and much water has flown down the river Tawi after the grand ceremony but not a single stone has been added to the park. Today it is  facing complete neglect and has become safe parking lot for ‘lal battis’ and …

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Omar yet to hold monthly Cabinet meeting in any Remote District of Jammu Division


Ten months ago Chief Minister Omar Abdullah had proudly announced on the micro blogging site that he will take his cabinet to Tangdhar in North Kashmir. “This week I take the Cabinet to Tangdar in North Kashmir. Once a month we will meet in a remote part of the state. Gurez, Machil and Keran”,Omar had twitted on May 26,2012. Omar kept his promise and on May 30 after attending the meeting he once again shared his thoughts on twitter, “Had a very productive visit to Karnah. “Time will tell if we are able to deliver the results of such cabinet meeting to the areas we visit”. On the same day Omar had also announced schedule of his next meeting. “Next …

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Property of Indira Gandhi’s Yogic Guru gathering Dust in Mantalai

Indira gandhi with Dharinder Brahamchari

Ever since Dhirendra Bramchari, the Yogic mentor of  former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, was killed in air crash in June 1994 property worth hundreds of crore in Mantalai Aparna Asharam is gathering dust.In the last two decades the state government has also failed to promote the tourist resort on the tourism map of the state. Barring lip service the state government has failed to tap the tourism potential of the area and is still in the state of infancy with regard to developing/bringing the place on the tourism map of the state. According to official sources, “the immoveable and moveable property located inside the sprawling ashram built over 1002 kanals of land is almost lying in dilapidated condition”.  Large …

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Red beacons, other accessories can’t be invasive in a democracy


In a welcome observation, the Supreme Court has censured the explosion of red beacons and sirens on VIP vehicles throughout the country. It has fittingly noted that excluding top constitutional authorities, and emergency services such as ambulances and fire brigades, there is absolutely no justification for others to display such symbols of state power. The widespread use – and misuse – of red beacons exemplifies a political culture that has been thoroughly corrupted by the perks of political office. Such venality not only goes against the spirit of public service that politicians swear by, it militates against the very idea of democracy. Government SRO No. 33, dated 8.2.2007, recognizes only 31 categories of government servants who are authorized to use red-flasher light on their vehicles. The state …

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Old Age Home – My Destiny!!!


So many topics to discuss,100s of protests to cover,1000s of protesters to protest, uncountable issues to solve but a topic which is out of every one’s interest, a topic which is not related to so called trend and etc.etc. India is a country where people relates their parents to God and still most of the  people are following the trend of spending their so called God to old age homes, soon after having an equal share of their parent’s properties. With the disintegration of the traditional Indian family, old age homes are becoming a family feature even for those coming from better economic backgrounds.  “This shit was never expected. I have spent my every single breath for those who were …

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Can education & politics go side by side?

Almost all the political parties are of the view that the youth of nation has a great role in taking India to new heights with their energy, knowledge and using modern technology and above all to get rid of social evils prevailing in our country right now. But the important question arising here is that the way politics is being done; will it encourage and motivate youth to take part in politics? The youth of today is vibrant enough to see through tricks most politicians play just for the sake of their petty gains and only in order to remain in power only. Unfortunately we don’t have an ideal leader in Indian politics today whom youth of today could follow …

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Corruption in India- A Deadly Disease

Battle Against Corruption

  Corruption has become a deadly disease like Diabetes, Malaria etc. It has engulfed the whole nation. It has very much become a part of our DNA. It is not something which is inherited in us but as soon as we become a part of this society, we get exposed to this. It is increasing day-by- day and spreading like cancer cells, as there is no medicine available in this society to stop it. Very soon, it will become an epidemic and no one will be able to stay away from the ill effects of this. Whether it is a government or private institution, corruption is everywhere. The truth is, if you are not corrupt, then your existence in this …

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  Dear Readers, This article is not completely in English. I have used the language which we generally use in our day to day life….. Hindi-English mix…. so that it does not remain, just an article…….  AGAR FIRDAUS BAROI ZAMIEAST HAMIEAST…HAMIEAST..HAMIEAST…. The above quote is quite famous and perfectly fits on Udhampur…It simply means ”agar dharti par kahin swarg hai toh yahin hai,yahin hai..”(for me atleast)..Jitna pyaara naam utni hi pyaari jagah…I am sure many of you will agree to this..This is not just an article..I am going to share my own experiences which I have had till now in Udhampur.. I am basically from Ramnagar,somewhat 38 kms. from Udhampur.Before shifting to Udhampur,the only thing which I knew about this …

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The Lure of the Land – Some stories from Poonch

LoRan Valley

The connection to the land is natural and unbreakable. We may go away for a multitude of reasons but it is easier to snip off the umbilical cord than cut away the tie which binds us to our villages and towns and cities….to the land of our forefathers. I have known this for a fact and experienced it at close quarters, having lived quite a nomadic life, traveling far and wide. Nothing can beat the pleasure and ‘the heart will burst’ kind of happiness when I come back “home”….to my home state of Jammu and Kashmir. I saw this emotion amply reflected in the stories I heard this summer during my trip to Poonch. Poonch is also known as Chhota …

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