11.21 crores spent on renovation /repair of furniture/fixtures
Cash starved J&K Govt spend lavishly on Comforts of council of Ministers

Cash starved J&K Govt spend lavishly on Comforts of council of Ministers

Despite announcing austerity measures the cash starved state govt of Jammu and Kashmir is not shying away from spending lavishly on providing comfort to the members of  council of ministers.

According to the written reply furnished by the Chief Minister on the floor of the state assembly, “the state government spent a whopping sum of Rs 11.21 crores on repair/renovation,furniture and furnishing of accommodation of council of ministers in Jammu and Srinagar during the last two years”. 
According to the details a total sum of 6.32 crores was spent on renovation of official residences of council of ministers  in 2012-13 while 4.89 crores were spent on similar works in 2011-12 by the state government.
According to the details provided by the state govt in response to un-starred question of PDP legislator Ch Zulfikar Ali”a total sum of Rs 20.72 crores was spent on the renovation/repair of accommodation of council of ministers, TA/DA,telephone bills and state aircraft/helicopters during the last two years”.
Out of this amount an  expenditure to the tune of Rs 3.87 crore was incurred on state aircraft/helicopters in 2013-14 up to January 2014 while 5.64 crores were spent under the same head in 2012-13 by the state government.
To renovate the  bunglows of Chief Minister  in Srinagar, a sum of Rs 42.71 lakh was spent in 2012-13 and 49.00 lakhs in 2011-12 in Srinagar. In Jammu the state govt spent Rs  20.31 lakhs during 2012-13 and Rs 14.60 in 2011-12  on repair and renovation and Rs 2.73 lakhs in 2012-13 and 2.15 lakh in 2011-12  on furniture/fixing in Jammu. 
 Omar Abdullah spent 5.32 lakhs on telephone bills and his deputy, Tara Chand spent around 4.04 lakhs on his telephone bills. An estimated 60 lakhs  were spent on renovation/furniture TA/DA bills  of the deputy Chief Minister during the last two years.
State Finance Minister AR Rather incurred a total expenditure of Rs 6.53 lakhs on TA/DA and phone bills and 10.17 lakhs on renovating official accommodation during the same period.
A sum of Rs 6 lakhs were spent on the official residence of Speaker Mubarak Gul while in Jammu in 2012-13 while Rs 12.97 lakhs were spnet  on his Sonwar residence in Srinagar in 2011-12. 
The state govt spent 15.39 lakh in 2012-13 and11 .65 lakhs in 2011-12 on renovating Srinagar based residence of NC Minister Sakina Itoo, similarly a sum of Rs 24.26 lakhs was spent  on the residence of Mohd Akbar Lone in 2012-13 and 13.89 in 2011-12 in Srinagar.
According to the reply, Rs 16.19 lakhs were spent on the renovation of Ali Mohd Sagagrs residence in 2012-13 in Srinagar and 5.51 lakhs in 2011-12.Similarly in Jammu a sum of Rs 1.25 lakh was spent on furniture and 4.47 in 2011-12.
According to the state govt reply a sum of Rs  15.97 lakh was spent on renovating Srinagar based accommodation of Deputy Speaker Sartaj Madni in 2012-13 and 6.57 lakhs in 2011-12. Raman Bhallas accommodation in Srinagar was renovated at the cost of  13.13 lakhs in the last two years.  Rs 7.12 lakhs and 7.34 lakhs were spent on the renovation of Sham Lal Sharmas house in Srinagar.In Jammu 23.20 lakhs were spent on the repair/renovation of house of Qamar Ali Akhoon during the last two years, Rs 17.93 lakhs on the house of Peerzada Mohd Sayeed.
Govt spent 15.74 lakhs on the renovation work in the residence of ex minister SS Slathia and 9.78 lakhs on the residence of RS Chib during the last two years. An amount of Rs 20.23 lakhs was spent on the renovation of accommodation of Peerzada Mohd Sayeed.

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