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Can writing an E-mail to Omar Abdullah will resolve issues confronting state of Jammu and Kashmir?

When Omar Abdullah took oath of office of Chief Minister he opened grievance cell Awaz-e-Awam to give platform to common people to register their grievances.

The unique idea was complimented by another land mark decision to start Awam-e-Mulaqat where people used to  line up outside his official residence in Jammu and Srinagar to share their problems and seek resolution of the pending issues.

Omar in the middle of his first innings later decided to take his cabinet to the door step of the people living in remote areas of the state.

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In between Omar regularly attended review meetings to keep track of the various developmental projects across the state.

District Development Board meetings also provided him the opportunity to seek feedback from the grass roots and incorporate necessary changes in the plan of action to ensure maximum participation.

Omar piloted Public service guarantee act and motivated people to use RTI to extract maximum information in order to ensure transparency in the working of the govt machinery.

At the political level he also took credit for holding Panchayat elections in the state after a gap of over 30 long years but failed to complete the three rounds of polls empowering Panchayati Raj Institutions.

At the fag end of the six year rule he under pressure from the alliance partner also  incorporated provisions of the 73rd amendment of the Indian constitution in the state Panchayati Raj Act to make it at par with the central Act.

He announced the landmark decision to create administrative units across the state without preparing a concrete road map to fund the ambitious move. Now soon after he faced drubbing in Kashmir valley and lost all six seats in the state he has thought of a wonderful idea to invite feedback from the general people to factor in the reasons behind his party’s poll debacle.

 If at all the same Mr Omar Abdullah would have paid serious attention to all these institutions and initiatives he would not have felt the need to invite feedback from the general masses not his party would have faced the humiliating defeat. In the coming days as Omar would try and project more humane approach towards people centric subjects it is the responsibility of the general masses to pose some straight and difficult questions to him and seek answers from him why he ignored the interests of the people when they tried to knock at his door steps, why he failed to wage a war against rampant corruption in the state and let go tainted politicians to join his cabinet after they were shown the exit gates and why he allowed his senior party men to take him for granted when they manipulated affairs of the state and their party behind his back and brought disrespect to the office of Chief Minister.

Omar is also under pressure to tell the people of the state when the hundreds of children died protesting against the use of brutal force he kept mum and failed to take the blame on his head, why he failed to contain the loss of human life when he was at the helm for long and why all his demands have only been pushed in the pipeline and his name has not been included on the plaques of big ticket developmental projects.

 Is writing an email and generating gossip centering around twitter posts is enough for him to rule the state and seek mandate for an another term.

It is time for Omar Abdullah to restore some order and deliver goods else he will be history  soon like his good friend who has been shown the exit door by the AAM ADMI.

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