Brand Modi is ruling the Charts in J&K Elections

Brand Modi is ruling the Charts in J&K Elections

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is yet to start election campaign in the state of Jammu and Kashmir but he is already a household name  particularly in Kashmir valley.

His larger than life image with a crisp message  “Jammu Kashmir Ke Badlein halaat aao chalein Modi ke saath’ is reaching thousand of households through vernacular press every day.
In the recent days BJP has started aggressive campaigning through print media advertisement.
Sound bytes of Modi are also being aired on TV and in radio advertisement to woo the electorate.
According to a professional dealing with space marketing, Brand Modi is ruling the market in Jammu and Kashmir.
“His pictures are a must for all categories of posters, hand bills, election campaign material and other merchandise”.
” He is ruling the air and the print industry”, the professional said.
The campaign managers of BJP are also spending hefty money on releasing print advertisements. While doing so they have taken due care to reach out to the urdu speaking population in the state.  

The BJP leaders  are aware of the fact that if they were able to generate peoples interest in Modi’s name in Kashmir valley it would impact the election results in Kashmir. It is for this reason we are making sincere effort to generate a buzz around his name so that when he actually kick starts election campaign he is received well by the voters in Kashmir valley.

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