BOPEE Scam: War of words between PDP and NC continues, PDP demands investigation of possible political nexus

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mehbooba Mufti Saturday demanded that the investigations must look beyond Mushtaq Peer to find out facts about possible political connections to the BOPEE scandal.

Addressing public meetings in Sheeri, Chandoosa and Khitangam in the north Kashmir’s Baramulla constituency, Mehbooba said refusal to take responsibility for the acts of omissions and commissions of his government, has become the part of defence mechanism of the chief minister, Omar Abdullah.

The PDP chief said the startling facts reported so far are sufficient to suggest that Mushtaq Peer was handpicked for the BOPEE job and given subsequent extensions and re-employed with full knowledge about his shady past and activities as the head of BOPEE.

Mehbooba said the BOPEE selection scandal had been reported by media immediately after the results were declared on 28th of June last year.

But, instead of taking immediate action the govt gave an extension of two months to Mushtaq Peer, obviously, to ensure that conspiracy involving the sale of papers was taken to logical conclusion and overseeing the admission of the tainted students.
Not only this, Peer was, latter given the charge of the so-called fast track recruitment process, in spite of the BOPEE scandal having come into the public domain.

The PDP also pointed out and raised its voice against this blatant disregard for probity and accountability.
Questioning the arbitrary method of re-employment and selection to sensitive, senior positions, she said the re-employment of retired persons has itself assumed the dimensions of a mega scandal.

She said the class IV and other junior appointments are supposed to be made after holding competitive tests, but the selection to these high positions carrying huge salaries and amenities are made at the whim of the politicians ruling the state.
“In fact, it is generally the officers, who owe the personal interests of the ruling politicians during their service, are latter favored with extensions and re-employments at sensitive places, commanding government resources and space to dispense favors,” said Mehbooba.

She said it was a cruel irony that the chief minister ordered the arrest of two youth, who at his Darhal public meeting had demanded their salaries, notwithstanding crores are being spent on the retired, tainted and deadwood. But, the casual labours, daily wagers and pensioners have to wait for months together to get their salaries and if they come out on the roads demanding justice they are taken down with brute force. That speaks about the height of insensitivity of the rulers.

Mehooba said it has become a standard practise for the chief minister to absolve himself of any responsibility for the acts of misgovernance, corruption or atrocities committed by his administration.She said, instead of accepting responsibility for repeated re-employment of Mushtaq Peer, the chief minister was now claiming credit for an action against him that was delayed for one-and-half year, after it came into public domain in June, last year.

In fact, the selection to professional course seems to be a continuing scandal, in view of the fact even the selection for 2103 has come under scanner and the High Court has taken cognizance of the reported complaints.The chief minster never accepted responsibility for the killing of 120 youth in 2010 and instead went on record saying that public anger was not against him or his misrule, but ‘it was against India.’

Even the orders of judiciary about holding investigation in some serious cases like Anantanag killings in 2010, have been disregarded leading the courts to take a serious view of government functioning.Similarly, Omar Abdullah washed his hands off any knowledge about the hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guroo, out of turn, earlier this year.

“What kind of a chief minister do we have, who treats his position only as source of comfort and luxuries of office and refuses to accept any responsibility for fallout of his inefficiency and ineptitude, “said Mehbooba. The PDP president condemned the continuing spree of arrests in Baramulla town leading to a shutdown, which has now entered tenth day. She said the government is deliberately targeting the youth to create an atmosphere of instability and insecurity among them.

Mehbooba said instead of providing jobs, better education, recreational facilities and sports infrastructure, the Omar Abdullah regime is busy alienating the future generation and damaging their careers, by framing them in false cases; registering FIRs and slapping PSAs against them.

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