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BJP will form next Govt in Jammu & Kashmir: Amit Shah

Claiming that the BJP will form the next government in Jammu and Kashmir, party president Amit Shah today alleged that funds being sent from the Centre are not reaching to the people of the state. Without naming any party, Mr Shah said people of the state have given chance to all parties to run the governments in the state since Independence who failed to do “Vikas” as there are no hospitals, doctors, proper electricity and water supply.

“Now give BJP a chance for overall development of the state which has lacked in all fields when other states of the country have marched ahead”, he told party workers in Rajbagh area of the city, which witnessed devastation during the September floods.

However, he too, like Prime Minister Narendera Modi, skip the Article 370 issue.

The BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections got an absolute majority, now it is your turn to give a similar mandate to the party in the state for overall ‘Vikas’ (development). He said he was visiting the Kashmir valley in the past. But today it was a special occasion to seek your cooperation and appeal to you to cast your votes in favour of BJP candidates.

Mr Shah alleged that successive governments in the state indulged in loot of money which was sent by the Centre for development of the people.

The other states in the country have made progress in every field..there are big industries which provides employment opportunity to youths, he said adding that Jammu and Kashmir has lost the race due to these inefficient and corruption governments.

People in this border state are not getting 24 hour power and water, many areas have no roads while those where road existed these are damaged.

There are hospitals but no doctors and medicine, there are schools without buildings and teachers even after more than 60 years of Independence.

He said tourists are not coming though Kashmir is very beautiful “Swarag Darti Per” because of lack of infrastructure available for them.(AGENCIES)

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