BJP thanks Jammuities for making 48 hr bandh ‘successful’, says people of Jammu rejected CoI’s clean chit to Kitchloo

Expressing party’s gratitude to the people of Jammu for extending their whole-hearted support in making 48 hours bandh successful, BJP State President Jugal Kishore Sharma said that the people of Jammu with BJP, have sent a very clear message that they reject Justice R.C. Gandhi’s report on August 09 Kishtwar communal assault as well as giving clean-chit to NC leader Sajjad Ahmed Kitchloo.

Addressing a media persons alongwith Leader of Legislative Party Ashok Khajuria, National Executive Member & Chief Spokesperosn Dr. Jitendra Singh, State General Secretary Kavinder Gupta, Party MLA Sukhnandan Kumar, Political Advisor to State President Prof. JK-BJP-Jammu-BandhHari Om and senior leader Mohan Singh Chauhan, Jugal Kishore Sharma said that the party had called for 48 hours bandh against the manipulated report of Justice R.C. Gandhi terming it as a government report prepared on the dictation of the leaders of NC and Congress, who have been making all efforts to ensure that conduct of NC leaders like Sajjad Ahmed Kitchloo does not get exposed in the report.

Sharma also questioned silence on part of the leaders of Congress from Jammu for not uttering a single word on the report, which proves that each one of them is only working to remain in good books of Kashmiri leadership and have no courage to take up the cause of the people who have voted for them. He advised them to give up power when the cause of people of Jammu demands and not express mere lip sympathy.

Reiterating party’s unstinted support to the cause of minorities in every part of state, Jugal Kishore Sharma said that the BJP has been all along agitating against all such forces which have been posing threat to the unity and integrity of the country as well as terrorizing minorities residing in remote and far-flung areas of the state.

Sharma declared that the party will hold protests at every district level from December 30 to reach the masses and mobilize their opinion against this manipulated, anti-minority and anti-Jammu government report.

Leader of Legislative Party Ashok Khajuria said that Pakistan’s dictator General Zia-ul-Haq could not implement OPERATION TOPAC in erstwhile Doda district to force migration of minorities on the pattern of Kashmir valley but it seems that now the same agenda is being pursued by Kashmiri leadership through communal vote bank politics, one man commission under R.C. Gandhi etc.

He further added that fact remains that on August 09 when Kishtwar town was on fire with communal miscreants having a free run in putting the properties of minorities to arson and causing losses to the minorities, the then Home Minister Sajjad Ahmed Kitchloo was camping right in the middle of the town and did not lift his little finger to bring the official machinery in action to curb the riots and yet how the one man commission has given him clean-chit one fails to understand.

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