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BJP MLAs’ exposure by CM just a tip of iceberg: Devender Rana

Chief Minister did not mention at all word ‘Dogra’, as is being made out by BJP Legislators

The truth of BJP legislators might be disturbing even to the peace of BJP stalwarts like Mr Prem Nath Dogra and Mr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee in heaven


Slamming BJP leadership for distorting facts to cover up their personal weaknesses exposed by the Chief Minister, Provincial President National Conference Mr Devender Singh Rana on Tuesday said they cannot hide their betrayal of the people of Jammu by taking recourse to falsehood, deceit and mischievous machinations.

“Embarrassed over public exposure of their sycophancy and pestering successive Chief Ministers for personal gains, some BJP leaders have sought to distort the facts by putting an emotional cover to the plain-speak of Mr Abdullah at Jammu Club yesterday to exploit public sentiment”, Mr Rana said at a press conference here while emphasizing that the Chief Minister did not mention at all word ‘Dogra’, as is being made out by the indicted members.

He offered media persons to watch for themselves entire Television footage, of the Chief Minister’s speech, arrangements for which had been made at the venue of press conference, which dismantles the lies being perpetrated by BJP legislators as a face saving mechanism after getting exposed before the politically conscious people of the Jammu region. He elaborated on what the Chief Minister had actually stated, and advised the BJP legislators not to rake up controversies by resorting to false alibis.

“The Chief Minister had said that by just wearing a turban one cannot become a leader of the people of Jammu; one has to work selflessly for the welfare of Jammu to deserve leadership position”, Rana said.

The Provincial President said the exposure on BJP MLAs is just a tip of iceberg or preface of a voluminous book, leafs of which will be unfolded in the days to come to show the people the real face of representatives they had elected. “Their pursuit for personal gains will not only surprise the people of Jammu but shock their own leadership in New Delhi as well when the facts will come out before them”, Mr Rana said adding that the truth of BJP legislators might be disturbing even to the peace of BJP stalwarts like Mr Prem Nath Dogra and Mr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee in heaven.

He said he can understand the discomfort caused to these legislators by the CM’s bold expose, which has unnerved them so much that they feel compelled to incite people by indulging in falsehood which has been their trait for all these years.

“The people, however, will not get swayed by emotive controversies being raked up by the self seekers when none exists”, Mr Rana said while vowing to expose BJP legislators in public domain. He wondered that instead of replying to the real issues raised by the Chief Minister, they were digressing these to exploit public sentiment. “The BJP MLA’s cannot bake their political loaves by hoodwinking public opinion”, he said, adding “now that the cat has come out of the bag they have no option but to explain to the people their case in the wake of exposures made by the Chief Minister”.

When told about BJP moving the courts over this issue, the Provincial President welcomed it, saying this will provide an opportunity to unmask the dubious people, who speak something behind closed doors and take to different posturing in the public domain. In this context, he mentioned how the BJP legislators in private were appreciating the Chief Minister’s bold futuristic power reform initiatives which are bound to improve the power supply in the State in coming years and how they took u-turn on seeing the cameras in a public function to derive political mileage.

“We will welcome the matter to be taken to the courts; we will be only happy to put the facts for judicial scrutiny”, he said adding there is immense need for truth to prevail. “Es tarah se dhoodh ka doodh, pani ka pani nikal jayega”, he maintained.

Mr Rana described the Chief Minister as a straight forward, upright and clear hearted person who does not indulge in double speak and always call a spade a spade.

“National Conference workers of Jammu will launch a mass movement to unveil the real faces of BJP legislators, who instead of highlighting issues of public importance remained engaged in pursuit of their personal problems as those of their relatives”, he said, adding that awareness is required to be generated on deceitful acts.

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