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BJP calls Article 370 pro-separatist, anti-democratic; says it has nothing to do with accession of J&K

Repudiating outright NC Working President and J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s interpretation of Article 370, Prof Hari Om, Political Advisor to State BJP President Jugal Kishore Sharma, on Thursday said that this pro-separatist, anti-people and anti-democratic provision of the Indian Constitution has nothing to do with the accession of the State with India.

“Jammu & Kashmir acceded to India on October 26, 1947 as per the constitutional law on the subject like all other 560-odd Princely states acceded to India or Pakistan and Article 370 was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly at the behest of fake secularist Jawaharlal Nehru on October 17, 1949. Omar Abdullah’s interpretation of Article 370 is absolutely flawed and no student of constitutional history would ever endorse it,” said Prof Hari Om while reacting to the Omar Abdullah’s January 29 interview during the BBC’s “Hard Talk” Programme.

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“Omar Abdullah is misleading the people of the state by misinterpreting Article 370 that has only promoted communalism and secessionism in Kashmir, hampered the process of integration and democratization, created inter-regional tensions and animosities on an unprecedented scale and made the life of the people of the state, including refugees of all varieties, a veritable hell on earth and created an impression the world over that Jammu & Kashmir is not an integral part of India to the same extent as other states of the Union.

Article 370 doesn’t grant any special status to the state; it has only enabled the ruling elite in Kashmir to misuse this provision to promote its own interests at the cost of the general public and paramount national imperatives and enjoy extraordinary legislative and executive powers,” Prof. Hari Om also said, and added that the Indian Parliament is the supreme law-making body and it can delete or amend any provision anytime by invoking Article 368 of the Indian Constitution. “Even the President of India can revoke or amend Article 370 using powers vested in him by Article 370 itself,” he further said, adding that the Union President enjoys unbridled executive powers under this Article.

Prof Hari Om also challenged Omar Abdullah and other leaders of the NC to come forward and join the debate on Article 370 to find if this provision has benefited the state and its people or it has harmed both of them and asserted that the general public, barring the Kashmiri ruling elite and its agents and fake secularists, is bitterly opposed to this Article.

“The Ladakhis are opposed to Article 370. The people of Jammu province are opposed to this Article. The refugees of all hues are opposed to it. An overwhelming majority of patriotic sections and pro-people and pro-democratic forces in the Valley are opposed to it,” he further said, and added that a holistic debate on this atrocious piece of legislation would clinch the whole issue and establish that Article 370 is not a boon, but a blot on Indian democracy.

He advised Omar Abdullah and similar other Kashmiri leaders not to mislead the suffering general public, and, instead, base his politics on democratic and economic issues, failing which it will suffer an ignominious defeat in the coming Lok Sabha and Assembly elections.

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