Befitting reply is required in rebuttal in Pak shelling: BJP

We cannot remain as moot spectator and the things are changing its dimension with vigorous speed, as our brothers on this side of the border are facing causalities due to Pak shelling. A nation has to live with dignity and respect and the same is eroded by Pakistan army and rangers by resorting to heavy firing time and again. R.S Pura belt is facing worst type of shelling from Pakistan and there are causalities of Indian, said BJP State Vice-President & MLC Ramesh Arora (Adv.).

It appear that Pakistan is facing worst type of disorder and threat within and wants to divert intention of public, not only this Pakistan has deliberately skipped from talks at the level of Nation Security Advisor (NSA) being at receiving end. Pakistan is aware that logic of Indian side cannot be faced. But time has arrived when strong retaliation is required because a terrorist nation like Pakistan understand the language of strong reply and not negotiation.

Arora said we cannot abstain and refrain our self only on the plea that both countries are nuclear power countries and we have to restrain ourself. Infact not only India but Pakistan should also think that their cannot be one way traffic for peace. Peace is required and ultimately we cannot compromise peace if strong measures are necessary to maintain it. Indian government is aware and apprised also about the concern of public residing this side of the border, said Arora.

Ramesh Arora further welcomed the decision of Centre government of raising compensation to death cause, due to shelling to Rs. 5 lakh instead of Rs. 2 lakh but life cannot be compensated by any amount. Our public is ready to face any consequences of strong retaliation and armed reply to Pakistan to bring him on negotiation table for ultimate peace. We have to think about Israel which is surviving with its own power and will in similar manner, we have to get ready to pay any price for peace, which is the ultimate goal. Arora expressed deep and serious concern with the families affected by direct shelling on civilian and causalities and said the whole nation including the state is with the victims. We are proud of our people who have laid down their lives during past few days in unprovoked shelling and firing by Pak army. Our restrain should not be considered as our weakness.

Recent, Naved and Sajjad Ahmed both Pak national have exposed face of terrorist state with evidence.

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