Ghulam Nabi Azad

Azad busy patting his own back, refuses to acknowledge good work done by Congress ministers in Omar Govt

When star campaigner of the Congress party Ghulam Nabi Azad stand in front of local residents to address election rallies in erstwhile Doda district  he is repeatedly parroting a statement claiming the Congress-led Coalition Government of 2006-08 successfully broke the myth that development is a utopian dream.

Azad also adds it was practically demonstrated by the Congress party how to deliver the fruits of development equitably and judiciously to all the regions of the State.

Patting his own back Azad proudly present report card of his govt and appeal to voters to elect congress candidates if they wish to see all around development of the neglected region of the state.

While doing so Azad is refusing to acknowledge the good work done by the congress ministers under Omar Abdullah leadership. If Azad is to be believed during the last six years of Omar Abdullah led alliance govt the congress ministers were sitting idle and did nothing than taking home their fat salaries and enjoying the perks and privileges of power.

As star campaigner of the party Azad has set a wrong example by not accepting the ground  reality and making all possible efforts to retain the seats. Whether he would succeed in his efforts only time will tell.

Meanwhile, PDP, NC and BJP candidates are making the job of sitting congress legislators much more difficult by dragging them in a multi corner contest. 



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