Rahil Gupta

Rising in-tolerance

rising intolerance

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The ‘immortality’ of Kashmir problem

Article 370

Understanding the problem of Kashmir is no less than rocket-science today. Whatever steps India took right since the signing of Instrument of Accession to the signing of Indira-Sheikh Accord and even till date, “ambiguities” were always an inherent part of them. Some ambiguities were incorporated deliberately while others were the result of serious mistakes (read ‘blunders’). The epicenter of this whole turmoil that we see today is the sign-of-interrogation (?) on the validity of “accession”, whether it was conditional and revocable or unconditional and irrevocable. And here the opinion of Kashmiris and the rest of India differ. The ambiguities kept doors open for both the parties to come up with conflicting arguments and opinions. Despite winning all the wars in …

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