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Photos: Railways conduct trial run of Udhampur-Katra train

Udhampur-Katra Train

Railway authorities in Katra today carried out a trial run of a newly constructed railway line between Udhampur and Katra. The stretch between Udhampur and Katra is of about 25 kms. Related: Udhampur Railway Station photos

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Katra Navratra festival 2013

Sai Baba- Katra Navratra Festival 2013

  This year Katra Navratra festival commenced on 5th of October 2013. In last 8 days, various cultural events and competitions held during the festival. The Vaishno Devi shrine and Katra Town of Reasi District witnessed a massive surge of devotees during the 8-day festival of Navratra. Thousands of devotees from across the country thronged Katra, the base camp, for their onward pilgrimage to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine. A pilgrimage to Mata Vaishno Devi shrine during the Navratra is considered most auspicious. Related: Some more stills of Katra Navratra festival 2013  

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Some Stills from Katra Navratra Festival

Dashrath hit Shravan accidentally

Katra Navratra Festival

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Crumbling Mubarak Mandi heritage reels under Govt apathy and hollow promises

Mubarak Mandi Heritage

Just to recode the flair of the historic background, a little awareness and love for heritage is needed ! When you walk along the sides of the majestic walls of the ancient Dogra heritage, you can smell the fragrance of royalty. The broken windows and tired doors were once used to enjoy royal events and processions. Mubarak Mandi Complex, was once the residence of the rulers of the Dogra Dynasty. This is one of the ancient structure in Jammu which is over  150 years old, that is recognized for its grandeur and beauty. The Mubarak Mandi Complex was divided into several different sections during the time of Dogra rulers, which is unfortunately vanished.  The history has not been restored to …

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Katra Municipal Committee’s callous attitude turned Holy Katra town into a Garbage City

Main Bus stand katra

It is awful to see the garbage and polyethene spread all over the town and Rains have made the condition worse. Seeing the insensitive attitude of attitude Katra residents are asking “What is the Katra Municipal Committee doing ?” A fight for right to clean the city is needed here ! You can easily notice huge heaps of polyethenes(though there is a ‘strict’ ban on polyethene bags in J&K) and garbage in the main areas like Main Bus Stand, Main market, Ban Ganga Road ( Holy Ban Ganga is also  polluted with plastic and garbage), Counter number two. The town’s entire garbage is being dumped since long time in the outskirts of Holy town, which happens to be the main …

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Mother Nature has abundance of Gifts for Humans and What are We doing?

Mother nature has abundance of gifts for humans and what are we doing? Simply exploiting it. She has warned us several times and this time her fury was so sudden and unpredictable. Nature doesn’t care whether they are innocent kids, happy families or nice people who became the victims under catastrophic events. Many of us may ask why ‘innocent people’ became victims? We can’t blame Almighty for such disaster or for the huge loss of lives. It is really sad to watch thousands of people who died a sad death. This destruction had taken everything the houses, the families, the happiness and the peace from the lives of  thousands of people and they are left with tears and huge pains …

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