Neha Khajuria

College Life – The best part of life

Jammu University

After 8a.m-12p.m schedule and disciplined life of a school, college comes as a relishing treat in the life of a student. As education is the best provision for life’s journey, college is the best institution to turn an immature fresh student into a mature balanced citizen. It is a Pandora’s box, filled with endless fun, humour, friends and also with responsibilities. Though college is a synonym for parties, trips and freedom, it is also a platform to show your excellence and confirm the chances of better jobs. In school there is a clear line between school life and home life but when you come to college and live in the campus, you are constantly among friends and trying new things. Thus …

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Ah, Summer, What Power you have to make us Suffer and Like it

With the rising temperature discomforts and health issues also rise and in city like Jammu where mercury has touched 40 degree Celsius in starting May only, preventions are must to tackle this scorching heat. Summers are picnic, vibrant, coloured and to enjoy them healthily give an eye to the following : Dehydration and Heat Strokes are the main culprits which spoil the fun of summers. Due to the high temperature and continuous sweating these are very common. To avoid these, rehydrate yourself after every hour interval with water, lemonade or juice. Don’t work directly in sun exposures as it may cause worse effects on your health like headaches, nausea, confusion and hallucinations. With really bad heat strokes your kidneys can …

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Rabindernath Tagore: India’s Literary Epic

Rabindernath Tagore, the first non European to won the Noble prize in Literature (1913) was born on 7 May 1861. He was youngest of the thirteen children and was born to the parents Debendranath Tagore and Sarada Devi. His oldest brother Divijendranath was a renowned philosopher and his another brother Jyotirindranath was a musician, composer and playwright. His sister Swarna Kumari was also a novelist. Tagore started writing poetry at the age of eight and at age sixteen he released his first collection of poems under the pseudo name ‘ Bhanusimha’. Tagore had travelled a lot with his father and gained the tremendous knowledge in different literatures. He largely avoided classroom schooling so his brother and father tutored him Drawing, …

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Attack on Pakistani prisoner in Jammu Jail…Is it justified?

After the death of Sarabjit in a brutal attack in Kot Lakhpat jail Pakistan, the whole India is enraged against the brutality and careless attitude of Pakistan. Acquisitions are made against this inhuman act but what we witnessed in Kot Bhalwal jail Jammu after Sarabjit’s incident is justified ? According to the prisoner’s right law, a prisoner has the right to equal protection and as far as the punishment of the convict is concerned there is whole judicial system, the evidences, the lawyers and the jury of judges then how can a mere citizen who himself fights with the ordeals for better life everyday or a court marshaled prison (in case of Sanaullah Haq) who is sentenced to punishment for …

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Earthquake: Mainshock, foreshocks, Aftershocks- How to deal with it?

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake that jolted Jammu and Kashmir and North India earlier in the day on Wednesday has raised the expectation of more aftershocks. As per the news coming from Doda district of Jammu Region, so far locals have experienced more than 5 aftershocks. Though this tremor can be a foreshock also pointing towards the may-come mainshock.   As there is no certain technique or warning system to foretell the occurrence of earthquake so some safety precautions should be revised to minimize the injury and loss. Some of them are : Before earthquake Prepare an earthquake emergency kit with non perishable food, bottled water, flashlight, whistle, first aid material and copies of important document (birth certificate, prescription, insurance papers …

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Sarabjit Singh: A Sufferer of ill-fate and ill-politics

Had he ever imagined that he will be the cover story of every news paper and news channel?   When he is in the deep coma the whole political system has become active. Opposition is blaming the ruling party and the government is trying its level best to save him and save its reputation through him , Our neighbouring state is in stubborn moods, without super specialties they think they can help an almost dead man !!! And amid of all such muddle a man who is the victim of false judiciary system is fighting for his breadths. Sarabjit Singh, a victim of mistaken identity was the resident of Bhikhiwind, located along the Indo-Pakistan border in Tarn Taran district of …

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