Is needful being done to deal with Traffic mismanagement in Jammu?

Jammu Matadors_mini Bus

Jammu carries tremendous historical importance, and is regarded as a prominent tourist hub. It also has notable significance amongst the beautiful cities of the world. However, the ever-increasing vehicular traffic on the roads of Jammu, in the last couple of decades, has been a big threat to its beauty and historical significance. The situation is getting alarming, which makes one wonder as to why this traffic chaos prevails despite the existence of overpasses, underpasses and well-constructed roads. Many factors are attributed to the unprecedented traffic mismanagement in Jammu. The first and the foremost factor is the lack of competent and efficient traffic management police. There exists lesser number of traffic wardens than required at the traffic signals. This creates traffic …

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DC Jammu visits ERA works, expresses satisfaction over pace of work

Mr. A.K. Sahu, Deputy Commissioner, Jammu took a detailed tour to visit the ongoing works under different Sewerage Packages in Bhagwati Nagar, Shakti Nagar, Janipur etc. First of all he inspected the 30 MLD STP which is nearing completion. Afterwards he came to the site where the laying of 1400 mm dia trunk sewer is held up due to one of electric transmission pole. The Power development Department has started the work of shifting of existing transmission pole and it is expected that this work is likely to be completed by tomorrow evening. Afterwards ERA will start the laying of 1400 mm dia sewer to complete the gap of 10m and construct the remaining two RCC manholes earliest by the …

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Red beacons, other accessories can’t be invasive in a democracy


In a welcome observation, the Supreme Court has censured the explosion of red beacons and sirens on VIP vehicles throughout the country. It has fittingly noted that excluding top constitutional authorities, and emergency services such as ambulances and fire brigades, there is absolutely no justification for others to display such symbols of state power. The widespread use – and misuse – of red beacons exemplifies a political culture that has been thoroughly corrupted by the perks of political office. Such venality not only goes against the spirit of public service that politicians swear by, it militates against the very idea of democracy. Government SRO No. 33, dated 8.2.2007, recognizes only 31 categories of government servants who are authorized to use red-flasher light on their vehicles. The state …

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Can education & politics go side by side?

Almost all the political parties are of the view that the youth of nation has a great role in taking India to new heights with their energy, knowledge and using modern technology and above all to get rid of social evils prevailing in our country right now. But the important question arising here is that the way politics is being done; will it encourage and motivate youth to take part in politics? The youth of today is vibrant enough to see through tricks most politicians play just for the sake of their petty gains and only in order to remain in power only. Unfortunately we don’t have an ideal leader in Indian politics today whom youth of today could follow …

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DBN, Talab Tillo celebrates Annual Graduation Day

DBN (10+2) Vidya Mandir Amarvilla, Talab Tillo, Jammu organized Annual graduation day and distribution of achievement certificate (co-curricular activities) in the school premises today. MLA Bishnah Constituency Sh. Ashwani Sharma was the Chief Guest on the occasion apart from the declaration of result and distribution of the certificate of excellence and achievement in co-curricular academic activities were given to the students. Apart from parents, Guardians, Permanent Citizens a large no. of parents and guardians are also present. A cultural programme was also presented on the occasion. Advisors Sh. Leela Karan Sharma, Dr Ramakant Dubey, Sh. Yashpal Puri, Manager Trust Sh. Rajender Kakkar, Director Academics Sh. Suresh Sharma, Principals and Headmasters and faculty members were also present on the occasion. Speaking …

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