Audacious strike on Indian consulate in Afghanistan has alerted Indian troops along LoC, IB

After an audacious strike on  the Indian consulate in Afghanistan ahead of the swearing in ceremony of Narendra Modi on May 26 the Indian troops have been kept in a state of high alert to prevent any major strike aimed at stalling the peace bandwagon.

Modi and his coterie of advisors had already checkmated their critics by extending an invitation to heads of the SAARC countries including Pak premiere Nawaz Sharif to attend the historic event. Though Sharif is yet to respond to the invitation indications are that despite his keenness Pak army have through a spanner in the wheel by advising him against visiting India  for a mere photo-op.

On the other hand repeated incidents of ceasefire violations and foiled infiltration bids have already alerted the troops and necessitated thorough review of the security grid on ground zero.

According to official sources the Union Home and Defence Ministry have already directed the concerned agencies in J&K to plug the possible routes of infiltration in the coming days as efforts would be made from across the line of control to push in more and more infiltrators inside the Indian territory.

Defence sources claimed that in the recent weeks militant handlers in PoK have activated their launching pads and stationed armed infiltrators in the civilian houses near the line of control to push them inside the Indian territory.

Defence observers also claimed that series of attacks on terrorists within Pakistan has created a crisis situation for the security establishment  in Pakistan.

In the context of these developments both the Army,guarding the LOC,and the BSF,deployed on the IB,have been directed to initiate all possible measures for checking ingress of militants.

In the coming days as Modi takes charge a high level review of security situation is expected to take place to set the agenda for the future engagements with rulers in Pakistan.

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