Attending a phone call in the court premises may land you in the Police custody

A ringing mobile phone in the pocket of a Station House Officer, Janipura police station Wednesday annoyed senior Judge in the court premises and costed dearly to the police officer as he was first arrested and later released on interim bail only after he furnished a bond of Rs 10,000.

The blatant incident of use of mobile phone inside the court premises came to light when Forest Magistrate Adanan Sayeed wednesday noted that a mobile phone kept in the pocket of SHO Janipura police station was continuously ringing while he was discharging his duty in the court room.

Despite being told by the Judge to put the mobile in the switch off mode the police officer ignored the warning and soon after stepped out of the court premises to attend his seniors call much to the chagrin of the judge in the court room.

Taking serious note of the behaviour of the police officer Forest Magistrate observed that  SHO P/S Janipur Niaz-ul-Haq have intentionally caused insult to the Court as well as caused interruption in the working of the Court.

The judge also observed that the SHO committed an offence u/s 228 RPC for which he was liable to be punished, as such he was taken into custody and given an opportunity to explain his position before 4.00 p.m and if not explain his position as to why not SHO be sentenced for the said offence, otherwise he is sentenced to simple imprisonment for seven days and fine Rs 1000/-.

It was learnt that the SHO had attended the call of his senior police officer and explained the same to the senior Judge but in vain. The police officer,according to the official sources, had moved out of the court to attend to the call of  his senior officer annoying the senior Judge as he was conducting hearing in one of the criminal cases where SHO was supposed to remain present.

SHO P/S Janipur Niaz-ul-Haq later sought time to reply to the explanation. Forest Magistrate Jammu  Adanan Sayed granted him enough time to file his reply on November 18, 2013 and released him on interim bail to the tune of Rs 10,000/.

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