Attack on Pakistani prisoner in Jammu Jail…Is it justified?

After the death of Sarabjit in a brutal attack in Kot Lakhpat jail Pakistan, the whole India is enraged against the brutality and careless attitude of Pakistan. Sarabjit SinghAcquisitions are made against this inhuman act but what we witnessed in Kot Bhalwal jail Jammu after Sarabjit’s incident is justified ?

According to the prisoner’s right law, a prisoner has the right to equal protection and as far as the punishment of the convict is concerned there is whole judicial system, the evidences, the lawyers and the jury of judges then how can a mere citizen who himself fights with the ordeals for better life everyday or a court marshaled prison (in case of Sanaullah Haq) who is sentenced to punishment for killing his two fellow soldiers can do justice or justify this absurd act ?

Bloodshed whether Indian or Pakistani is always red, always humane and a mature citizen can never support this.

Vijay Isher says, “No, this is not good. This is the duty of our laws and respected court. I hate this type of violence whether by India or Pakistan.  Another netizen Abhishek Sharma expresses, “Justified or not I can’t say anything but one thing we should remember, we should be human to rule the dogs, don’t become dogs otherwise other will rule you.Sanaullah

Whenever an innocent life is lost our heart aches and our emotions rage but decision taken in emotions are usually devoid of sincerity and if this poison of hate will not be cured, the days are not far when civil war will broke out in the guise of religion and militancy. Madhu Sharma (teacher) says, “If concrete steps like abolition of trade and transport with Pakistan and change in foreign policy is employed a change in today’s scenario will definitely occur. Why government is sleeping I don’t understand.

Kanav Singh says,”Was attack on our army people ..Attack on Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad..Sarabjeet justified?” while Anoop Raina says,”Yes, remember Newtons third law of motion

In the end respecting all your views, emotions and comments I would like to conclude, “ Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere and until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained.”   

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