Balidan Stambh-Jammu

After facing neglect at the hands of Omar led Alliance govt, Army once again lits up Eternal flame at Balidan Stambh

After facing neglect at the hands of Omar Abdullah led alliance govt the eternal flame at the Balidan Sthambh was  finally lit up by GOC 26 Tiger Division Maj Gen Dushyant Singh in Jammu on saturday. 

Balidan Stambh-Jammu Indian Oil Corporation,Executive Director Sudeb Gupta on saturday pledged free supply of LPG for the Eternal flame as a mark of respect for the martyrs of the Indian army. 
The Balidan Sthambh was neglected by the state govt as it had failed to provide maintenance charges to the Indian army after former Army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor had handed over the Indias’ first war memorial to the state government on November 24, 2009.
Omar Abdullah had also claimed in November 2012 that since Indian army had constructed the war memorial they should look after it as the state govt was facing shortage of funds.Balidan Stambh-Jammu

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