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Amid political storm Omar cancels IFTAR in Jammu?

The much awaited IFTAR to be hosted by the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah here in Jammu today was postponed on Friday due to inclement weather conditions.

After postponing the IFTAR Chief Minister himself rushed to New Delhi and even cancelled his engagements during the day. omar abdullah_iftarHe was scheduled to visit Gandoh before returning to the winter capital for the IFTAR.

Now the day has passed and as expected the weather related prediction turned out to be untrue questions are being asked in the corridors of power whether the decision to postpone the IFTAR was taken purely on the basis of weather report or there is more to it which is not visible to the naked eye.

 It is being speculated here in the corridors of power that on going war of words between the alliance partners triggered by Dr Mustafa Kamal may have weighed heavily on the mind of Chief Minister and his image doctors and they were forced to postpone the IFTAR as congressmen had decided to skip the IFTAR pending apology from the National Conference leader for berating the Congress party.

After the IFTAR was postponed the Congress leaders sat together and brainstorm the political fall out if they continued to stay mum.
The Senior functionaries of Pradesh Congress Commitee saturday lashed out at the National Conference leader Dr. Mustafa Kamaal for his mischievous utterances against Congress party and its senior leaders and described him as a major irritant in the functioning of the present coalition.

The leaders termed it as an ‘opportunistic politics’, as Dr. Kamaal’s party is leading the coalition government for six years on Congress support. The Congress has always shown magnanimity and handed over power to the National Conference in the interest of the state but it had to ultimately suffer.

The Congress  has been discharging its ‘Coalition Dharma’ sincerely. The Congress high command and UPA government has extended all sorts of help to the state coalition. But certain leaders of National Conference are out to have the interests of the coalition, for which sole responsibility lies on them.

The Congress party and its cadres would no longer tolerate such attempts to malign and harm Congress for their own political interests. The Congressmen believe that Dr. Mustafa Kamal has been rehabilitated and rewarded as General Secretary of the  party, for hurling choicest abuses to the Congress party and its leaders by distorting facts to mislead the people, who, however, fully understand the vested interest behind this.

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